Tuesday, November 23, 2021

5 ways to make your holidays sustainable ♻️

The holiday season is upon us! I love this time of year. It feels so cozy and inviting. Even last year as my first holiday season single EVER, I felt happy. I am hoping to go into this season being more mindful on my consumption and focus on how I can do my little part to be more sustainable. Won't you join me? Here are my top five tips!

1. Shop small and local. My favorites in Denver are: Craft Boner, Moore Collection, Be A Good Person and Cosecha Del Sur Coffee Co. Luckily all of these can be found in lots of cute independent shops in Denver. Share your favorite local to you brands in the comments below!!

2. Gift experiences not things. This is my favorite! I love gifting Spotify premium, Uber and other streaming services. I also love sharing my favorite things. Apple pie is one of them and I love giving that for others to enjoy.

3. Watch your wrappings! The least amount of waste we can create the better! I suggest fabric, flowers and other dried items such as cinnamon. 

4. Thrift your holiday decor & outfits. You know how much I love thrifting and this time of year they pull out all the stops. Check out your local thrift store for all things holiday! I've gotten garland, ornaments and mugs at my local thrift shops!

5. Get a tree you can plant later. Trader Joe's is really good at having baby trees. I have a fake tree and that is another great way to use something over and over each year.

+ everything from my Thanksgiving Sustainability post!

I know sustainability can be overwhelming but putting just one thing into practice and adding on each year will help! What are some ways you are trying to stay sustainable through the end of the year and beyond?! Share them in the comments below!


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