Wednesday, December 1, 2021

5 books to read in the new year 📚

Last year one of my best friends gave me a book that changed my outlook and shifted my personal perspective. Since then I've gifted it and told many people about it. I wish it was required reading during your teenage years! That sparked my thought to share it with YOU and my top 5 favorite books to read at the beginning of the year! PLUS the perfect gift! 

1. The Four Agreements - Gifted from Jes. The book that changed me! The paperback is only $6 (Target and Amazon) and it makes the best stocking stuffer. I read this in an hour or so at the beginning of the year. Since then I've thought about it more times than I can count. I want to make it the first book I read every year!

2. Tiny Habits - Gifted from brother Troy. I LOVE this book because it got me to floss everyday! LOL This is a great book to gift during the end of the year to help us think about what we want to implement moving into the new year AND how to do it successfully!

3. How To Not Die Alone: The Surprising Science That Will Help You Find Love - I was told about this book by someone I met on Hinge but never actually had a chance to go on a date with. I read it back in July and it completely changed my outlook on dating, relationships and love. Since then I've gifted it to a few friend and purchased a copy of my own. I'm reading it a second time (need those reminders!) and have a few others in mind to gift it to!

4. Take Care of Your Type - I follow this author on Instagram and I love all that the Enneagram has made me realize and reflect on about myself. This book + the online test (only $12) would be a great gift for someone in you life. It can help to bring more self awareness and show one how out to move out of stress in the new year.

5. Inward - I follow this author on Instagram as well. Inward is a quick read, that is in insightful and inspires one to look inward. I've shared the poems in the book on Instagram, framed one for next to my bed and have gifted the book to others who have a gentle heart like mine. We can always do with a reminder of what our own worth is. He has a second book, Clarity and Connection as well that I also love! 

I have done so much growing this year (my therapist agrees!) and along with therapy, these books have helped me along my journey. I hope that they can help and inspire you or someone you love! Happy holidays and cheers to an amazing 2022! xx Meg


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