Thursday, November 28, 2019

5 Ways to Make Your Thanksgiving Sustainable

Looking back on how my Halloween was very not sustainable (plastic EVERYTHING!!!), had me thinking through to the rest of the holiday season coming up. Here are my ideas for getting your Thanksgiving to be thankful, for you and the environment!
1. Use all of your dishes, utensils, napkins and glasses. I know it is tempting to use paper everything, but you don't have to do everything! Give each person a job. Clean as you go! The prep and clean up will go by fast if you ask for help! Add in some good tunes in and you'll be relaxing on the couch ASAP!
2. Same goes with all your baking and cooking supplies. Pie pans, one time use tins and cook wear. I've gotten some stuff at Goodwill (this vintage apple pie plate!) or hand me down. It's hard to store supplies like that for only a few time uses....BUT maybe it will get you to use them more...more pie?! Yes please!
3. Save all of your leftovers in glass containers. Ask people to bring their own containers! OR Goodwill is your best bet for ALL of 1-3!

4. Farmer's market finds for veggies and baked goods. I've been thinking a lot lately about how food gets to me and what it is wrapped in. Sadly Trader Joe's doesn't have the best produce and has a lot of pre-wrapped items in plastic. My last trip I was super conscious of this but still might have to switch to a different market all together! Suggestions?

5. Vegetarian dishes - Mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, stuffing, corn, roasted carrots are all vegetarian! Most side dishes are. Make a small fish dish for people who are not eating turkey. I'm not sure what I'll be beating this year. Spencer makes the most amazing turkey so I will probably want to try it at least! No hard feelings if you are not perfect! Being sustainable is a process! Every little bit counts.

What do you think?! Can you do do one, two or all of these suggestions? Have MORE ideas?! Share it all in the comments below! I look forward to hearing how you will make an impact this Thanksgiving! xx Meg



We always use "real" dishes during Thanksgiving! And my Aunt normally hosts, she has chickens so any leftover turkey goes to them (yes, it's weird to think about LOL). We hold onto reusable plastic containers so those get passed around during the holidays.


NICE @B. LOL about the chickens, but if they don't seem to mind! Great job! xx Meg

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