Sunday, December 29, 2019

2019 Resolution Reply

In 2017 I wrote these resolutions...

1. Gym and healthy eating.
2. Unplugging and read more.
3. Seeing/calling friends and family more.
4. Travel.

In 2018, I wanted to keep the same resolutions for 2019 + get in my first half marathon! Let's see how I did....
1. Running and healthy eating. YES. I got in my 1/2 marathon...TWO actually! And towards the end of 2019 I've become ALMOST...pretty much vegetarian. I began to cut out sugar and alcohol. I plan on continuing to explore vegetarianism in 2020 and keep my wine consumption to one glass per week. I find that it disrupts my sleep and training efforts. But I still love it!

2. Unplugging and read more. I WANTED to do this. I'm pretty good at only Insta-ing in the morning and before bed. I really want to invest in a Kindle and save on buying books, rent them and make time to read on the weekends. I did listen to a few audio books this year. Does that count?!

3. Seeing/calling friends and family more. My best friend and I see each other almost every week. I try to call my Seattle bestie at LEAST once a month, we also have a group chat we contribute to weekly. We all do our best, life is busy. But is nice to know we are all just a quick text away!
4. Travel. 2019 was a great travel year! I was able to take Spencer to NYC for the first time. AND we had a last minute trip to Japan which we LOVED, can't say enough good things about the country and cannot wait to go back. In 2020, our yearly girl's trip to Mexico is booked, Spencer and I are planning on San Diego for my 3rd 1/2 marathon, D.C and an international trip. I want to go back to Italy...Spencer wants to go some place new...either way, we are excited to keep adventuring together!

Adding for 2020: Continue to work on my sustainability!

BONUS: New JOB!!!!

In 2020 I wanted to continue the same ones + get in a 1/2 marathon PR. I started training on Thanksgiving and really want to get a 2  hour finish! I'm excited about the new decade and all that comes along with it. Fingers crossed from some amazing change, peace and togetherness! We deserve it. xx Meg



You killed it in 2019! Your running posts are always a great read and inspirational. I love my Kindle and need to start using it more. Maybe I'll put that on my own list for 2020.


Way to go on your resolutions, you did amazing! I love that you plan on continuing them in 2020. I just know you are going to do amazing!


Great job on your resolutions babe!
I'm training to do a marathon or at minimum a half marathon this year (Disney Marathon next winter 2021 at the latest)! You've been a real inspiration in my running! I'm so proud of you!
Reading more is also on my list this year, so far I'm ahead on my resolution! But lately I've been dragging :(

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