Friday, December 29, 2017

Tips For Your Solo Vacation

Ever feel like you just need to get just away from it all?! Guess what? That is perfectly normal! I love my life and my Ocean Eyes, but sometimes we all just need to get away and reflect on what we have.

I've gone on two solo vacations {Santa Barbara and Salida, CO}. Ocean Eyes just went on one to Phoenix. And guess what we are great! Sometimes we just need some ME time. Here are my tips for having a successful and enlightening solo vacation!

1. Where do you want to go? Planning is super important! Create an on goning list of places that you are dreaming of and see what is within your budget at the moment.
2. What do you want to do? Along with where you want to go, what do you want to do when you get there? Do you want to just hangout and unwind? Invest in a great Air B&B. Love coffee? Where is the most Instagramable coffee shop? Beach?! Mountains? I have collections on Instagram for all of the places I find that I want to visit.

3. Stay safe. Once everything is booked and you are all packed up, don't forget to send your itinerary, hotel, and plans to a family member or friend in case of an emergency.

4. When to go? Whenever you have time OR whenever you NEED to! San Diego Comic Con came up and I realized that I didn't want to go there, I still had to escape. Since it was such short notice, I went to a place that I had already been and felt comfortable in. It was the best decision I've made in a long time. Always do what is right for you!
5. Tools you should utilize planning your solo vacation:

Instagram - Like I said above, I like to save images of places I'd like to visit. It is a great way to compile a list during throughout the year.

Air B&B - I will forever be a fan of Air B&B. I stayed in my first during my first solo vacation and LOVED it. I'm now planning on using it internationally as well. Just make sure you read the reviews!
Yelp - Find a place on Instagram that you like? Look it up on Yelp. I also use Yelp when I arrive at my destination to search places near by, see photos and menus to help me make my decision.

Lyft - Cheaper than a taxi and super convenient for short little trips here and there throughout town.

Friends - My friends always have the best recommendations. Utilize them! That is what they are for!

6. Be in the moment. This is the time! You are away from everything, hopefully cuddled up in a comfy bed, catching up on shows or socials? But, remember why you took this vacation in the first place. Don't forget to get out and discover the city you chose. Unplug for a bit and enjoy your freedom!

Now what are you waiting for?! A solo vacation, even if it is just for a weekend, is a great way to relax, recharge and remember what you are working towards and loving the life you are living!


❤Cate❤ said...

Solo vacations are the best, I also save a bunch of photos on Instagram of places I want to visit and I've found so many cool cafes in my home and abroad because of it xoxo

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