Friday, December 29, 2017

#CANTCLUTCHTHIS December: Killin' It

Who's ready to KILL IT in 2018?! I defiantly am! I'm excited to be doing less and more! Here are my new year's resolutions! #MotivationMonday

1. Gym and eating healthy. Ocean Eyes and I just joined a gym. We've been going three days a week. My first day there, I was LOVING the treadmill. Ours at home is really old and shocks me! Plus he is also the best cook so we are working on eating healthy....less alcohol and now Blue Apron has Whole 30 recipes so we are excited to try those out.
2. Unplugging and reading more. I've deleted Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest from my phone. It's given me less reasons to look at it and more reasons to pick up a book instead! Look at that TBR pile! It's insane! I've added a ton of books to my Amazon Wish List and I was so excited to find the Nicholas Sparks books at the thrift store for only $1!

3. Seeing friends and family more. That means more long distance phone calls too! Maybe even adding a family member this year....I've got my eye on a few puppies!!
4. LOTS of traveling! Las Vegas, Miami, Paris, Italy, Portugal....and more? I've got my Southwest points racked up and I'm ready to go! In Paris I'm even thinking about hiring a photographer to take some nice photos of us. I found French Grey Photography and #SWOON! Do you have plans to travel this year?

What are your plans for the new year!? This time of year always feels so inspiring. I'm excited by the way I feel and hope to continue it all the way to 2019!

And as always check out Studio DIY's Can't Clutch This subscription box! I can't say it enough! I just LOVE getting an adorable little treat in the mail each month! #notanad


B. said...

My plans are getting better with money and sticking to my workout routine! I'm jealous of all your travel plans! They all sound AMAZING!

Megan Elvrum said...

We are on the same page @B. Let's do it!! xx

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