Friday, September 8, 2017

Why I Started Running Again + Eating Healthy + an AMAZING Fitness Subscription Box! {It's a long post!} LOL

At the end of August 2015 I knew a relationship I was holding to had ended. I went and got a coffee and sat by myself a bit before heading home. When I arrived, I went straight to my room, changed out of my cute romper and grabbed my running shoes.

I plugged into my head phones, put my saddest song on repeat and just ran.

That was the day I began a runner.

I ran until I wasn't sad anymore, I ran to be alone and I ran to realize how I wanted to feel about the life I was living.
Thanks to the Nike+ Run Club app, I've been able to track my progress since then. It is so satisfying to log in time each time I run and see my improvement and the miles add up. That became my new obsession. I love sharing these little posters and putting my progress out into the world. Soon, I moved to Colorado and life happened. I stopped running for exactly one year.

Then one day I did just as I did the day started running, but this time I was happy. I wanted to feel what it was like to push my body. So for the past 6 weeks, I've been training for my very first 5K. And I wouldn't have done it, if it wasn't for one of my best friends! Now our little three amigas are sharing our accomplishments and being that accountability for each other!

I began my couch to 5K plan and found that the first two weeks were hard, the third week got better and on the fourth week I was only running. One Saturday on my before work run, I said I was going to practice my 5K and I did it! It was then that I stopped being nervous for my first race, because I had just done it!
Since then, I've only run on my runs. No walking except to warm the treadmill up for 2 minutes in the beginning. Once I start I think of my run as a hill. Mile one is always tough, mile two I hit my stride and on mile three is all down hill and I race to beat my previous times.

On Sunday, I ran for 36 minutes without stopping and almost made it to 4 miles!
I was so excited. I can remember YEARS ago trying to be a runner and just not being able to. Now I'm at 5280 feet and I'm running and for long periods and faster times! I just can't believe what my body will let me do with my own thoughts.

I've become so excited to jump on the treadmill, start my app and try to beat my previous times and distances. I also have become obsessed with cute running outfits. I just bought my first pair of running shoes {my first were my mom's hand me downs} and thanks to Instagram, I've found a fun new subscription box!

Ellie is an active wear subscription box that comes with leggings, a sports bra and a tank for only $39.99! I was nervous because I've never purchased active wear anywhere before! But their size chart was spot on! {ps this is NOT an ad}
And I just love all the details of each piece. The tank is light weight, with subtle see through stripes. The sports bra is my favorite color grey, with a fun pop of matching orange to the tank, plus a cool detailing on the top. BUT my FAVORITE part is these leggings! They make you looks so sleek! Plus the mesh detailing on the bottom is to die for! I'm in LOVE!

One last thing that I'm super excited to share with you that I'm running so much, I've wanted to eat more healthy and so I've discovered Buddha Bowls! Thankfully Ocean Eyes is also obsessed with them, so much so we made three last week!
What is a Buddha Bowl? Grilled or baked veggies, a grain, a bean, topped with a nut and some yummy sauce. Our favorite, pictured above is baked sweet potato, avocado, grilled red pepper, red onion and fennel. On the bottom is pinto beans and quinoa. Topped with a homemade avocado garlic sauce, not pictured. I thought I'd begin to share my adventures in running and healthy eating! Do you guys care?! Did you even make it this far!? #rambling LOL

I just LOVE sharing with you nerds! And I'm really enjoying upping my photography since I AM a photographer! But I can't take easy and beautiful pictures of myself so HUGE shout out to Ocean Eyes for always being down to take pictures for the blog with me! These were actually taken one night after work at about 7PM. I came home so excited to try on my new Ellie outfit and he was happy to photograph me. He's amazing! #swoon
SOOOOOOOoooooo I would LOVE to hear what you all do to keep healthy AND your favorite healthy meals! Share with my in the comments below!

Love you nerds and as always thank you for reading! xx


❤Cate❤ said...

There really is a subscription box for everything lol but seriously congrats on your achievement and good luck with the 5K it's really amazing what our bodies can do if we just put a little care in and push ourselves. I've fallen off the fitness wagon in a big way but I'm slowly building myself up with daily yoga and cardio, it's only been about a week but I'm already feeling much better if a little bit achy haha! Also that Buddha bowl looks so good I've been eating a lot of them recently to xoxo


Alexandra Soares said...

I can't say I like running but I do eat healthy and I go to the gym regularly. Meals, I just enjoy cooking so I can't choose but I do a lot of good stuff!

Megan Elvrum said...

I didn't like running for a very long time, but to each their own! Plus eating healthy is always great! YUM! xx

Kay said...

So great!! Also, LOVE those leggings. I haven't run regularly in at least a year now, but I do yoga just about daily and keep active in other ways (hiking, walks, etc.) so I feel pretty good about that!

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