Monday, September 18, 2017

Making Your Sunday Count

Being in the creative arts, you don't normally work a regular schedule. That is why Sunday is my favorite day of the week! It is my Saturday!

And since it is my Saturday, that means....two work and date night!

All summer long, Ocean Eyes and I have been working hard on the house and it has been a joy. #oldperson

We've had it painted, grew a garden out back, got the lawns looking fresh, I've gotten us new plants for the indoors and outdoors, we've gotten new doors and a new couch set! It feels like a new house. It feels like our house.
My goals for Sunday are to get the house back in order after a crazy week of working, get in a 5K run, shower up for date night and choose just the right outfit. This Sunday, it was my new outfit from Mod Cloth. I was so excited to put on this soft sweater! #sweaterweather

But before ALL of that, I just LOVE sitting out on our front porch with coffee. Ocean Eyes is always down for some porch time, so we usually do it at least once a day. Seeing the house painted, the plants blooming and enjoying the change in weather is such a relaxing way to start or end the day.

Once we've tackled our work, there are two ways we like to spend date night. Once a month, we get all fancy and go to our favorite Denver spot. The Denver Central Market is right near our house and we can get drinks, dinner and dessert all in once place! Plus we always love walking around RiNo and looking at all of the amazing street art.

Red has always been my favorite color to wear when dressing up. Back when I was in 10th grade and going to my first high school dance, my Pop-Pop told me that red was my color and I've always stuck by that! The skirt has two of my favorite things, pockets and stripes! I'm excited to be able to dress it up or down.

We usually only go out once a month to save money {this week it was IT! Have you seen it?! Tell me your thoughts! As a scaredy cat, I actually liked it!}. So a normal Sunday date night is snuggling up on the NEW couch. Sometimes we just snuggle together, while I read and he plays video games. Sometimes we watch a movie or binge a show, but always do we order Thai for our favorite restaurant {Aloy Modern Thai} and have all of our animals piled up on the couch with us.

What is more perfect than a cozy sweater for cuddling on the couch? This past weekend was the first cool one of the season and I couldn't be more excited for it to finally be sweater weather!

Taking one day out of the weekend to get your life back in order and just relax, is such an amazing way to start the week renewed. Right now we are finally finishing up The Walking Dead on Netflix, I'm working my way through Lost and now renting all the movies from the library!

What is your favorite way to wind down the weekend?! And what to wear? I'm hoping you've enjoyed the styling of my new favorite fall pieces from Mod Cloth! Share with me in the comments below what you are excited to wear this fall! Can't figure it out? Mod Cloth has in house stylists to help you out! You'll be fall ready in no time!

AND....I just had my first pumpkin thing and I'm so excited! Bring on Fall!


Kay said...

Love that skirt!! And I also really liked IT - much more so than I thought I would! As a fan of both the book and the original two part film (in it all it's cheesy glory) I was worried about the new one, but I think they did a great job!

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