Thursday, May 4, 2017

Loot Crate's Dream Crate: The Nerdy Girlie Version

When Loot Crate contacted me to create my DREAM crate...I couldn't think of anything else but an amazing San Diego Comic Con adventure! Everything I've ever dreamed about for a SDCC is in my crate below! But as you long as I can see all of my favorite is always my favorite Comic Con!....But here's the dream......!!!!!

1. San Diego Comic Con VIP passes for myself and my squad. I cannot go without them!

2. Private Jet. Because VIPs arrive in style!
3. A Delorean rental car. Nuff said.

4. Hotel stay at the Marriott with an ocean view. A beautiful place for all of my swag to live...and maybe sleep...only a nap! There is too much to do!

5. $5,000 spending money. To buy all the San Diego Comic Con exclusives and maybe some food.
6. Entertainment Weekly party tickets. This is THE party at Comic Con and my FAVORITE magazine! It has been my dream since the first time attending SDCC in 2009 to attend this party! PLUS a special outfit to wear! I love helping design my yearly WB bag with an unlimited budget it could be even more amazing! Oh bags too please!!
7. ALL the celebrity photo ops at Nerd HQ. #swoonanddie

8. Unlimited coffee. Because if I'm doing ALL of this....I'm not sleeping! #100cupsofcoffee
9. An amazing Geek Girl Brunch at The Hotel Del Coronado! The Hotel Del Coronado is MY FAVORITE place in all of San Diego. It has been since my Nana would take me there when I was a little girl. It's gorgeous and perfect for a reunion with all my favorite nerdy ladies.
10. LASTLY....really I could go on forever! LOL I would love to have an even BIGGER & BETTER Geeks Go Glam party! Hotel roof bar...glamorous gowns and dapper dudes....LIVE music from my favorite bands and DJ plus amazing food!

PS....could we also fit in a lunch with one of my celebrity crushes? Elijah Wood or Joshua Jackson or BOTH would be great! LOL

WHEW! Too much?! I tried not to go tooooooo crazy! LOL But that was so fun! Can you imagine a San Diego Comic Con like that?! Welcome to my wildest dreams! What would you add to a dream Loot Crate? Share with me in the comments below! And fingers crossed they want to make MINE a reality!

As you might have heard, Loot Crate is a great site to get geeky gifts for friends, and you can sign up for their monthly subscription service to get a fun themed crate of your own.


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