Monday, May 1, 2017

#CANTCLUTCHTHIS April: Life is Rainbows!!

If you haven't watched my Facebook LIVE might be wondering why my life is all rainbows at the moment! WELL.......

100 Cups of Coffee was submitted to an agent along with my very first proposal! She is reading it as we speak! I'm trying not to get too excited but....

Photo by: Ocean Eyes!

Mostly because I....hopefully, will get some good feedback on my entire manuscript from someone who didn't live through the experience with me. All of the people who have read it have lived through the years with me. So missing details might not be a big deal to them. I just cannot wait to make it better and continue my process!

Thank you nerds for reading and commenting on what I have already posted HERE! It really means a lot to know you love it!
ALSO Ocean Eyes and I are going on another birthday getaway for him! For his BIG 3-0 in VEGAS!! I cannot wait to break in my new clutch and new suitcase! This clutch is going to be designated to all of my travel toiletries!

I'm going to have a clutch for everything!
You can get this month's clutch at and even subscribe to receive a new one every month!! It really is so delightful to get such a fun present in the mail every month! #notanad #ijustloveit


  1. I love love love the rainbow keychain!

  2. That's the nicest clutch yet - so cute! And good luck with your manuscript. I hope it all works out. So exciting!!

  3. Such a cute clutch! And congrats on the book news - wishing you all the best with it!

  4. Thank you and thank you @Kay ! I LOVE this subscription and am super excited to hear about my book! xx

  5. @Emma I LOVE IT too!! Thank you for the well wishes! xx

  6. Me too @Natalie Patalie. The keychains are always such a great addition! xx