Friday, May 19, 2017

Late To Beatlemania + My Beatles Playlist

Do you ever wish you could time travel to a particular time and place? Of course you do, you are nerds! Time travel is our thing. Me? As of now, I'd love to go back to the sixties! 1961. Liverpool, England.

I was never a fan of The Beatles. I didn't dislike them, I just never listened to them. If I'm being honest, I thought the hype was too much. Even on my trip to England I didn't do anything Beatles. I saw them here and there but never cared much. But now Ocean Eyes are in talks of going to NYC for Christmas to do a John Lennon tour {he's my favorite!}. He was super sad when I met him and I said I didn't care for The Beatles when he grew up listening to them, it is his mom's favorite band! I can say they, you, everyone was right!
Now on this other side of Beatlemania, I am discovering them for the first time. I'm learning their personalities {they are so funny!!!}, their rise to stardom and infamy and for a half of them, their deaths. The more I learn about them, the more I understand how there can never be a band like them again. All of their popularity came through word of mouth, TV and radio. No iPhones, no Snap Chat and no internet! It's mind blowing to see the mania that ensued around them.

NOW for my favorite Beatles songs! Boy was this hard. Thank god Spotify has all of their albums. I listened and listened and kept changing my choices. 13 albums! Of course it is hard to pick a favorite. So I have an extras list as well! LOL These are in no particular order, but Black Bird and Help are probably tied right now!

My 10 favorite Beatles songs Playlist:

1. Help!

2. Hey Jude.

3. Oh! Darling.

4. Let It Be.

5. Black Bird.

6. Eleanor Rigby.

7. Here Comes The Sun.

8. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.

9. Come Together.

10. Twist And Shout.

Ocean Eyes' Favorite: Strawberry Fields.

EXTRAs: Something. Because. Good Day Sunshine. Yesterday. We Can Work It Out. I Want To Hold Your Hand. It's Getting Better {MY LIFE!}
So of course when we went and celebrated Ocean Eyes' 30th birthday in Vegas, I had to get us tickets to see LOVE! It was amazing, full and we got even better seats than I paid for! The BEST performance in LOVE was Tomorrow Never Knows. But I did want to cry during Yesterday!

And now I want to go live in the Sixties! In 1964 The Beatles came and toured the US for the first time. They release an album every six months. The fashion was groove, peace and love popular {see above picture, that is a vintage dress!}. BIG things were happening in music! The Beach Boys {1961}, Fleetwood Mac {1967}. The Beach Boys I've been a fan of since childhood {CA Girl!} and Fleetwood I discovered just before The Beatles. I am a happy music fan right now! I love all of my NEW OLD music!
In the 60s all of the music carried a great message: "All you need is love," "There is still a chance that they will see, There will be an answer, let it be," "Come together," "Life is very short, and there's no time For fussing and fighting, my friend."

I am now asking everyone I encounter what their favorite Beatles songs are and who their favorite Beatle is! Strangers, clients and family and friends. Share your's in the comments below! I cannot wait to hear!

Thank you nerds for sticking with me through ALL of my nerd outs! xx


skorpeo said...

Several years ago, I went to the Cavern Club in Liverpool. While it's in the same spot of the original, It's a replica of the club the Fab Four played in.

IT. WAS. AMAZING!!!! It was completely mind-blowing!!!!

Megan Elvrum said...

Wow. That is history right there @skorpeo! I would love to visit there! xx

Usagi said...

Hands down my favorite song ever is Across the Universe.
I still need to check out LOVE!!

Gwen Stacy said...

Okay, SO my favorite Beatles song is a toss between All My Loving and I've Just Seen A Face.

I have "All You Need Is Love, Love Is All You Need" tattooed across my chest. I USED to have the cover art for Yellow Submarine on my arm but it didn't age well and I had to cover it up. But I will get it again soon!

I recommend watching their films, HELP! and A Hard Days Night are my favorites, I also recommend (if you havent already) watching the film Across The Universe. Its AMAZING and is written around famous Beatles songs. I adore it..AH!


Megan Elvrum said...
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Megan Elvrum said...
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Christina Coll said...

You really rock that 60's style! If you ever take like a Beatles tour in the UK, I would love to see that. I had a real intense Beatles period about 2-3 years ago and this post reminded me that I miss them and want to start listening to them again. Eleanor Rigby, definitely my favorite song. <3

Megan Elvrum said...

@Christina Coll I would LOVE to do a Beatles UK tour! Defiantly on the bucket list! xx

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