Friday, January 27, 2017

5 Fandom Friday: TV Shows I'm Excited For In 2017 + February Prompts!

Are you NEW to 5 Fandom Friday? Welcome and come join along! 5 Fandom Friday was created by myself and Super Space Chick in October of 2014, as a way to get all of our blogger friends keeping on task each week, building a community with our fellow bloggers and connecting with new and old friends once a week! We choose the topics, you do the writing! Let's get inspired together!
I don't watch as much TV as I use to. I'm really trying to catch up on my TBR pile this year {see next week's prompt!}. BUT there are a couple shows...namely my first choice, that I am super excited to watch this year!

1. Prison Break, Season 5 {April 4th}. I watched Prison Break from day one! Wentworth Miller became one of my celebrity crushes and season one and two and three killed it! Season four ended the show disappointingly for me, but now Season 5 is back. I'm not sure why. I thought Fox had cancelled it back in 2009. But 7 years later it is back and I cannot miss it!

2. Project Runway {Fall 2017}. Ocean Eyes' family invited me to join their fun betting pool last year for Project Runway and we both ended up getting hooked. Last year it was just for the ladies, but this past Christmas we decided to let the guys join in on the fun! I got second place last year and hopefully this year I can win it all!

3. The OA, Season 2 {??!!}. I just finished season one and LOVED it up until the last minute. I hope that season two will bring back how I felt throughout season one and clear up the ending! It was defiantly worth the watch if you are having doubts.

4. Man In The High Castle, Season 2 {Streaming now on Amazon Prime}. I blew through season one and just began season two. I love getting sucked into this alternate reality.

5. The Walking Dead {February 12th}. I made Ocean Eyes marathon all the seasons leading up to the newest premier and we are so hooked! I cannot believe where it is going and I cannot wait to see what unfolds! CRAZY!!!

Do you all have your blankets, wine and TVs all warmed up? I love unwinding with a show before bed! What are you all excited for this upcoming season?!


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B. said...

I'm trying to think of what shows I'm looking forward to. I guess Iron Fist/Defenders on Netflix! And Riverdale was pretty great last night!

Megan Elvrum said...

I've heard of Riverdale B and LOVED the comics when I was little. Might have to give it a try! xx

Ravanel Griffon said...

I'm still catching up on old shows, but it's nice to get some recommendations for the future! Like you, I enjoy watching shows with my boyfriend. It's just so relaxing, and it's nice to have something ongoing that you can geek out about together. :)

I'm so glad you posted some Fandom Friday topics as well! It must take some time to select them, but it's great for the community. I'm already looking forward to write about geeky expressions as part of 5FF. I would write that post either way, but now I can enjoy everyone else's examples, too!

(PS Friday Feb is the 17th, not 16th.)

Megan Elvrum said...

Thank you for the date update! I changed it! Enjoy a cozy Sunday! xx

Stephanie Aasland said...

I so need to see Man in the High Castle, it's embarrassing that I have not yet at this point:)

Megan Elvrum said...

There is SOOO much out there and so little time! But defiantly watch it, it is great!! xx

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