Wednesday, January 25, 2017

7 Signs You are Nerding Out!

I have a HUGE habit of not listening to family and friends around me when they suggest TV, movie, books, music that they think I would like.  It takes AT LEAST a year for me to follow their advice or longer if I wait to stumble upon it myself.  But once I get into something, there is no stopping me!  I know the warning signs like the back of my hand.  Lucky for you I have complied this list so you can know where you stand in your quest for nerdiness nirvana.

Step 1: Someone you love tells you you would like it and you ignore them. How could they possibly know what YOU like?!

Step 2: Someone famous/on social media tells you to try it out. OF COURSE they know what they are talking about and you jump at the chance to take their advice.
Step 3: You spend every waking minute you are not devoted to "prior commitments" doing said thing and don't stop until you have watched/read every bit that is out there.
Step 4: Buy, buy, buy everything related to said nerdiness.
Step 5: Find and follow all fan sites/celebs involved on ALL social media platforms. Go to all the nerdy places.

Step 6: Spread the love to anyone and everyone who will listen. Including the person who suggested it in the first place.
Step 7: REPEAT.

What are you nerding out about lately!? Share in the comments below and help us all find our next obsession!


Anonymous said...

You might want to try out Castle, or Monk. Also Big Bang Theory is a big nerd obsession


I have watched Castle up until he and Beckett got together, didn't really enjoy that. Monk I have heard good things about and TBBT we saw a live taping of. BIG fans of that show! Thank you for the comment!!

Sparrowbird said...

YouTubers and slash fanfics. OMG i love youtubers so much!!! I'm writing my DSD exam text about Dan Howell and Phil Lester, listening to PJ Liguori's songs absolutely non stop and playing those "old school" games that i read in fanfics about (like Mario Kart etc.).

Megan Price said...

I'm nerding out over Shameless and Bate Motels. I've been binge watching both!

Jessica said...

LMAO I don't believe that I've ever nerded out over anything...which is either depressing or admirable depending on how you look at it. I believe that it may be due to my having such a short attention span...regardless of the reason it means that I always have a list of movies to watch, books to read, tv shows to see, etc.

Jessica | said...

Prison Break is one of my all time favorite shows!
I definitely end up needing out when I find a new show or book that I like. For me, I am always needing about wrestling! 😆

Megan Elvrum said...

Awesome Jess glad you love it too! You going to watch the new season?!

Megan Elvrum said...

LOL Jessica! My nerding out has slowed down, but try comic books! They are short and sweet! Also Futurama :) xx

Megan Elvrum said...

NICE! I love a good binge watch Megan! xx

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