Wednesday, January 6, 2016

January 5 Fandom Friday Topics!

Happy New Year nerds!! It is going to be an amazing year! Here are your prompts for January from Super Space Chic and I! I cannot wait to write these. Though I am going to be super busy starting the moment I land in LA tonight! The Denver move is in full motion!

January 8th - 5 Ways You Grew/Changed/Evolved in 2015
January 15th - 5 Ways You Are Going To Take Chances In 2016
January 22nd - Favorite Ways to Netflix and Chill
January 29th - Favorite Late To The Game TV Discoveries



B. said...

Oooh, I love the first two!

Deidre Crummitt said...

Yay! I needed these for my re-entry to blogging. :)

Love Zeti said...

Loving the first two!! Really needed these to get me through January, am I right? ;)

Mallory @ bad.wolf.brunch said...

Looking forward to getting back on the 5 Fandom Friday train!

Krispy said...

The first 2 are great!

Kay said...

Love these prompts! I'll definitely be joining in!

Joie_Fatale said...

Yay for 5FF!!!

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