Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My Top 5 Favorite LA Coffee Shops!

Good bye Denver...HELLO LA!

For two weeks.

Then it is official. I'm moving to Denver nerds!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO time is ticking for me to have one last coffee at ALL of my favorite LA places! Here are my top five. Wish me luck.
1. Republic of Pie in North Hollywood. My very first place in LA. RoP will always be my special place. I found it all on my own and it became a place where I could relax, write and eat all the very best pie. It even gave me my very first latte art and had a drink named after me the first time I visited! I don't know if any place could ever live up to RoP, but I will do my darnedest to find one. I might already have a couple possibilities.
2. Philz Coffee in Santa Monica. This one is special for a few reasons. It ended one of my most favorite dates ever, it is right in the first neighborhoods I lived in in LA and of course the coffee is to die for. The best drink? Their famous Mint Mojito Iced Coffee is. Everything here is made right as your order it and you can customize it how ever you like! PLUS this location is right in the heart of Santa Monica...take your coffee straight to the beach!
3. Priscilla's in Toluca Lake. I LOVE Priscilla's atmosphere as well. It is a tad bit closer to my home in Glendale and so I rotate between here and RoP. I have a lovely little hidden alcove in the front where I'm surrounded by gorgeous green bushes filled with twinkle lights. Inside is an adorable Parisian like cafe. I've written away many hours in this place as well.
4. Sunset Junction in Silver Lake. Upon taking a stroll in one of my favorite neighborhoods, I stumbled upon Sunset Junction. They had me at homemade pop tarts and a coffee for only $5! But guess what they don't have wifi. I kinda love that. I've had many delicious meals here, PIE, coffee and a distraction and internet free place to just write. I even had a moment of creating a hand written letter as well. I love the old vibe and that just makes me want to create!
5. Caffe Luxxe in Santa Monica. During my 100 Cups Of Coffee journey. I found so many new coffee shops. My favorite? Caffe Luxxe. I usually ask what is the most popular drink and this place was no different. This was an espresso with cinnamon and orange. I was weary of the orange. But this lil cup was like drinking a warm breakfast. I loved it to death. Perfection. One of the best cups of coffee I've ever had.

I'm going to hit up all my favorite San Diego spots next! So stay tuned! When I get all settled in Denver expect a list for there as well!

Do you nerds have a special hometown spot that is your go to?! Share with me in the comments below and if you have and Colorado ones definitely share!


Kendall Ashley said...

I love that Sunset Junction doesn't have wifi. That's always my biggest downfall of going to a coffee shop to write. I usually end up scrolling through tumblr instead! These are all super cute. I hope you find lots of lovely places in Denver!

dePepi said...

Coffee is my weakness. So are cute coffee shops. I'll keep this in mind if I visit ;)

Julio Ramos said...

I hope you enjoy Denver! It is a lot of fun when I visit every once and awhile. May you have a lot of adventures and memories. 😀 oh I saw you the chive app awhile back. Felt like running across a celebrity. Ha may Denver not be as cold as SLC is. Snow everywhere here.

Stan Moroncini said...

You should try Gayles Perks in Northridge, totally independent coffee shop with a very chill vibe and Moby's in North Hollywood, owned by two super cool people, also independent, try their Tiger Chai, so good!

Megan Gotch said...

I just looked up Moby's! That is super close to me! I am going to check it out thank you!!

Megan Gotch said...

What?! I don't even know what that app is! LOL I had to google it! What was the photo?! Thank you so much for sharing!

Megan Gotch said...

Awesome so glad to help!! xx

Julio Ramos said...

Oh you didn't know about it. I thought you submitted the photo. Well I can give you the link. Someone must have put your photo there. Thought you should know sinceyou didnt know about it. http://thechive.com/2015/08/03/as-long-as-we-have-flbp-we-shall-fear-no-monday-50-photos/

Janora said...

I am definitely a Denver coffee expert!! Would love to meet up! Lots of fashionable nerdy girls in Denver!!

Joie_Fatale said...

You HAVE to ask Peetz how to make that Mojito Iced coffee!!! And when I drive to visit you can teach it to me! ;)

Actually, if you like any certain drinks from the shops listed, you could let them know you're leaving, and you want to be able to make a drink or two at home, if they'd allow it! That way you could bring LA's coffee, with you!

Megan Gotch said...

YES please I would love that!! xx

Megan Gotch said...

Such a good idea Joie! Will have to do that! xx

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