Monday, November 30, 2015

The Nerdy Girlie's Music Monday #16: All The FEELZZZZ Playlist

When I put in my leave of absence at the theater for the rest of the year, I didn't even think about how I wasn't going to be seeing the friends, now family, I'd come to see day in and day out. Or in the case of my Pisces Souls Sister Kristen every week.

We were both so use to seeing each other weekly for dinner or shows or ALL THE FEELZ chats....that she was the toughest goodbye I had to do in LA. She as a fellow Pisces, knows all the feelz I go through. Though she is defiantly the logical one.

Logically she decided to make me the BEST mix CD I've ever gotten...entitled...ALL THE FEELZ! First song and I was hooked...3rd song and I made myself NOT play it on repeat for days...made it to the Adele cover and died!

She truly knows what music and lyrics mean to the soul and I am so grateful to have her and her amazing musical tastes in my life! If you are in LA like me she does a weekly concert calendar on her blog Local Music San Diego her co-blogger and our other amazing musical friend Amanda has you covered as well!

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1. Introduction to “The War of Women” – Joe Firstman* 
2. Everything’s Changing – The Kin* 
3. Hand In Hand – Walking On Cars***** 
4. Don’t Shut Your Eyes – The Crash Motive 
5. Beautiful Pain – Keaton Simons**
6. Dream Catch Me – Newton Faulkner 
7. Falling In Love at a Coffee Shop – Landon Pigg {Could this song be written for me?!}
8. Something Beautiful – Needtobreathe*
9. Heart and Soul – Twin Atlantic
10. Mountains – Biffy Clyro 
11. Death of Me – Tony Lucca*
12. Chasing Rubies – Hudson Taylor***
13. Think of You – Carney* 
14. Someone Like You (Adele Cover) – Corey Gray & Jenny Lane****
15. Breathless  - Dan Wilson 
16. All I Know – Pepper’s Ghost 
17. Golden State Goodnight – Jay Nash
18. Saving All The Love – Joe Firstman*
Piano's make me swoon....*are the one's I'm obsessed with the more stars the longer I listen to them on repeat :) Enjoy nerds and THANK YOU KRISTEN MY LOVE!!! xx 


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