Monday, December 14, 2015

The Nerdy Girlie's Music Monday #18: The Civil Wars

We all know the person who waits until an entire series comes out and THEN binge watches the entire series in a weekend. Is that you?! I do that, but with music. I get stuck on ONE album and listen to it on repeat until the moment arrives that it has healed me and done. Other times its listening to the same song on repeat for days.

Happened with The 1975, Catfish and the Bottlemen and most recently The Civil Wars.
My awesome-ly cool and super nerdy friends at Nerd Coolture met me for lunch one day and we got to chatting about life, love, nerd stuff and of course music. They told me the tale of The Civil Wars and their break up which was tragic. The next morning I hit play on Spotify, the first song grabbed me, the second stopped my heart. Poison And Wine was then on repeat for days. I even ran one night to the song on repeat for thirty minutes. Upon first listen I cried, then and even now go back in forth between it giving hope and it still making my feelz pour out.
I self torture with music. But music always heals.
A few days later I drove down to Amoeba and bought the record...and a mug!
I finally was able to listen to the entire album from start to finish! I cried and repeated many of the other songs over and over.

My favorite other than P&W is To Whom It May Concern. If I ever felt like a song was written especially for me, this is it. It is so sweet, a tad depressing in my current relationship know self torturer and all...but mostly hopeful.
Not pictured is the gorg Star. Who shot the photo!

SOOOOOO if all that didn't make you want to listen...ooops!! I just LOVE my FEELZZZ so much! On my second night here in Denver, my new friend family had a night in...ate pancakes for breakfast then cuddled on the couch trying to make each other cry with all the FEELZ songs.

I think I might fit into Denver quite nicely.


E-Rad's Cantina said...

OBSESSED with the civil wars. I first heard them when they sang Safe & Sound with Taylor Swift for the hunger games, and I fell in love.

Kendall Ashley said...

I love the Civil Wars so much. I'm so sad they're not a group anymore, but their songs will always be THE BEST.

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