Saturday, November 28, 2015

Figuring Out My Place In Time & Space: Don't Regret A Thing

I’m going on an adventure!

For the past 8 months I have been on the go. All day. Everyday. From the moment I wake, until my head hits the pillow at night. I discovered what I love about LA, made new meaningful friendships, dated…a LOT and rocked my musical heart out. All of this for the first time in my life. Finally I could do anything I wanted, just for me, as long as I showed up for work the next morning.
Now…that is all out. And I’m left here thinking of what I could have accomplished in 8 months if I hadn’t been so focused on dating. But I’m stronger now. Stronger than I ever thought I could be. And I can now find my place in life and continue to surround myself with the squad I want.

So I’ve taken a leave of absence from the movie theater I work at…to their dismay. I left LA a week ago today and already I am feeling more focused, relaxed and inspired. 

I'm letting the adventure lead me...

First stop? A Silent Film. Everything big in my life always begins with them. I opened their Fall US tour in San Diego and thought to myself, maybe I’d close it as well. When I found out one of my Lamplighter friends {Brenda} was driving out to Phoenix I jumped aboard her fangirl train and we were off on a road trip that would mold my heart.
By the end of the trip, Brenda and her cousin {Jecenia} helped me realize how much I have changed since the last time I was in Phoenix this past May. 

{side note: I’m writing in honest detail about all of my dating, friendships and hard lessons learned in my 100 Cups Of Coffee book. This sabbatical is allowing me to finish my first draft to send off to my editor. So STAY TUNED!!}. 

The girls and I went to a few of the same places, saw many of the same people and all I could do was flashback on where I was then and MARVEL at where I am now. Daily I think that I haven’t changed much in 8 months….this trip opened my eyes to the fact that I have. 

Last time it was all about boys, this time it was all about women. This adventure I'm following is about the women in my life and the one I am trying to become.
Going to A Silent Film shows have become so much more than music. Brenda could have picked anyone to come on this trip with her. But she chose Jecenia and I. The three of us were all open to creating a meaningful and honest experience and sharing our happiness, loves and losses. All three of us are in different stages in life and we could safely share and learn from each other. As Jecenia would say, we helped each other bloom.
Our hosts for the weekend, Lee and Maryann opened up their home to one person they’ve never met, and two they’ve met only a few times before. Spoiling us to the core and never asking for a thing in return. What I’ve come to discover is that every person in my life today is truly kind. I don't have a toxic person near me. People talk about drama in their lives. I’m going through my own drama everyday. But the people that find me and I connect with are pure. My eyes are seeing people in a different light for the first time.
A Silent Film’s songs even touched me in a different way. I heard different words this time and they sunk into my soul “run away now Anastasia and don’t regret a thing.” I ran away to Phoenix for a band and ended up running back to reality holding the hands of two strong and gorgeous women.
Even my favorite band chooses quality people to surround themselves with. Their new members Matt, Matt and Jake are genuine welcoming souls. It was a joy to see them at the beginning of their ASF journey and the close...for now. :) Smile Matt you DID make it to The Nerdy Girlie blog! 

I fly to Denver on December 2nd where my journey continues with my best friend Liz of Being Geek Chic and the rest of my The Nerdy Girlie team. Bring on the bonding!

{I am forever Figuring Out My Place In Time And Space. Learn and grow with me by reading my other heart felt and often over sharing articles!}


bluyten said...

I wouldn't have had it any other way... Megan you are the most genuine rockstar ever! What a beautiful road trip! I'll never ever forget those couple days. And thank you for this beautiful piece, it touched me. You are stunning in and out. Love you!

B. said...

I'm excited to see where the next chapter takes you!

Kendall Ashley said...

It sounds like you're having amazing adventures. Can't wait to see you!!!

Kay said...

Have a blast on your adventures! Can't wait to read all about them. :)

dePepi said...

It's cool that you're having great adventures! Can't wait to read more about them!

heatherbquinn said...

Good for you! Enjoy this special season in your life.

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