Friday, November 13, 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Seasonal Foods

Tis the season for food! Well it is actually ALWAYS the season for food in my book! If I'm spending money, it's usually on food! LOL
1. Mocha coffee with marshmallows and sprinkles. Can you get anymore festive?! I made this drink last year and can't stop, won't stop. Plus it's SO Instagram-able!!!
2. Pie. Yeah this probably should have been number one. Any pie anytime. I am currently in the midst of a #LAPieTour. Check that out on Insta. All the pie, all the time! This one is from Republic of Pie if you couldn't guess!! :)
3. Donuts from CA Donuts. This place is open 24/7! Donuts anytime of day people! AND they are super Instagram-able which is what I look for in my you can tell. BUT they were also totally delish! This was Halloween day and there was a small line, but totally worth it!
4. Homemade Pumpkin Pop Tart from Sunset Junction. THIS place is my new favorite hangout in LA. It is in Silver Lake pretty close to my house. About the same about away from Republic of Pie. Republic of Pie has them beat on the pie front, but this pumpkin Pop Tart was quite amazing!
5. Starbucks RED CUP! Who doesn't LUV the gorgeousness that is a Starbucks Red Cup!? I think the simplicity of this year's design is beautiful. I love keeping it as simple as possible. It's all about the Insta yes?!

I am so sorry I have been absent as of late! I am going to my my darndest to keep at it for the rest of the year. I head out for Colorado in one week and will be concentrating on my writing and the blog more! Don't forget to share your posts with me and Super Space Chick over on Twitter for a RT! Bring on the holidays!!!


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B. said...

I really just want to eat all the pie now!

Megan Gotch said...

me everyday! lol xx

Kendall Ashley said...

You have the BEST food posts on Insta! And I'm totally there with ya on the red cups. They're such a big part of the holiday season for me--which means I probably go to Starbucks too much, but whatever. ;)

Mariko said...

Homemade. Pumpkin. Poptart. Wow. I'd have to say my favourite seasonal food is pumpkin pie and I still haven't had any this year! *pouts*

Ashlee said...

These photos are gorgeous! And I agree, I love the simplicity of the red cups<3 Have fun in Colorado!

Krispy said...

This post has made me want so much pie...

Megan Gotch said...

PIE Is everything!! LOL xx

Megan Gotch said...

Thank you so much Ashlee!! xx

Megan Gotch said...

awwwww Mariko I have some places here you can get some great pumpkin! Come visit! LOL xx

Megan Gotch said...

RIGHT! We can go when I get there! Also Thank you girlie!!!! xx

dePepi said...

I want to eat pie now xDDD and it's 10pm LOLz

Nikita said...

ALL your food is so Instagramable! Looks like lots of people also love a Starbucks treat. The red cup controversy is SO ENTERTAINING lol! Have a great trip xo

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