Tuesday, November 10, 2015

LA Bucket List: LACMA

From the moment I heard about the Urban Lights display at the LA County Museum of Art I knew I had to visit. I was drawn to the lights. They reminded me straight away of being an A Silent Film Lamplighter and I just had to see them lit up in person. I think I have a thing for lights {see The Chandelier Tree}.
Since moving to LA, I've seen them multiple times. I've taken loads of special people there, but never just myself. Then I had a bad day which coincided with a Saturday off. I decided to go to LACMA and explore it for the first time.
All I wanted that day was to plug in my headphones, be invisible and be surrounded by inspiring things.
I did just that.
I took photos. I danced through the halls. I even shed a tear or two. I enjoyed my time at the museum. Did it make me feel better? Yes and no. It may have reminded me of how alone I am. But it always allows me to appreciate history and what you can learn from it. Now to make my own.

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❤Cate❤ said...

Love LACMA it's one of my favourite places in LA xoxo

Joie_Fatale said...

I used to to LOVE going to Balboa Park's museums! I haven't been to any here since I've moved.
I think more than anything, it's important to date yourself. Treat yo' self to treats! Treat yourself as you would want your S.O. to treat you. See what you want to see. Feel all the feels unabashedly!
You're moving in the right directions girly! You just keep being you.
<3 ya girl!

melificent said...

The LACMA is one of my favorite spots in LA and a must-visit every time I head to the west coast!

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