Tuesday, November 17, 2015

LA Bucket List: Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory is my favorite place in LA. It quietly looks over the bustling city. That's what I love. Quietly looking at the city I've grown to love. I love observing. I love feeling alone in a huge space, going unnoticed. For the most part. I simultaneously adore being lucky enough to connect with my fellow humans in a spot that means so much to me.
On this particular visit to the Observatory, that very thing happened. I had just finished reading Heart In A Box and had feeling....lots of feelings running through my head while staring out at the city. I glanced over to my right and there was a girl doing exactly what I was doing.

So I took a photo of her...
Only a few moments later she asked me to take a photo of her. I told her I had already done so and ended up texting it to her. We got to talking and I probably overshared everything in my life. I didn't scare her off and she shared with me her name. Megan. I about lost it then and there. I tried my darnedest to not cry in front of this stranger and hopefully new friend.

I hardly ever meet any other Megan's. I don't think it's that popular of a name to be quite honest. So when she told me this after all I had already shared with her, I knew we had to be friends. I invited her to Republic of Pie then and there.
I've taken a few of my favorite people up to the Observatory and every time its special. There are moments of peace, reflection and awe. I am so grateful to be able to have all of these things in a city that has everything you could dream of and more.

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B. said...

That story about the other Megan is amazing! And almost spooky!

Kyla said...

What an amazing story! That's serendipity. I was lucky enough to visit Griffith Observatory when I went to LA this year (east coast girl over here) and the views were magical. I hope I can visit again, in different seasons, to experience all that place has to offer.

Kendall Ashley said...

I love spots like this. There's something so magical about being able to look at your city from far away. One of my favorite things. And that's a great story about "other Megan"! I love finding new friends in random places. It's crazy how quickly you connect with someone when you find out you share a name, too!

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