Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Awesomely Autumn Pumpkin Products: Whole Foods

Welcome back to another edition of Awesomely Autumn Pumpkin Products! This week I visited Whole Foods and almost left disappointed! I walked around the entire store and all I found was pumpkin beer! I cannot drink a case, let alone a pint of beer!
On a whim I decided to walk over to the fresh bakery section and that is where I hit the jackpot!
  • pumpkin muffins
  • pumpkin cupcakes
  • vegan pumpkin cupcakes
  • pumpkin cannoli 
  • mini pumpkin cheesecake
I didn't know what to choose!! It might have been the hardest decision of my life, but it came down to either the cannoli or the cheesecake. The cannoli was quite large and I had just eaten lunch so I went with the mini cheesecake. 
It did not disappoint. The whip cream covering the top, was the perfect addition and the size was just right for a nice sweet treat! The cafe next to the bakery even had pumpkin lattes, but it was WAY to hot for that!

What pumpkin items have you tried at Whole Foods that you love?! Tweet me your photos and share your recommendations in the comments below!  #PumpkinLUV

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Crissy said...

Those look so delicious! I haven't tried anything pumpkin yet.. I'm a noob! I'll have to check out the bakery.. anything with whipped cream YESS

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