Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Figuring Out My Place In Time And Space: Something To Believe In

Long time readers might have heard a lot of this story already. This is one of my favorites to speak about on the blog. 

I found myself falling in love upon hearing the first note of Harbour Lights, it changed me. The moment I heard their music for the first time, my life was set on a different course. They inspire me and if you want to see the truest Megan you have to see me front and center at one of their shows.

Every show is special. But this past San Diego one takes the cake. The Casbah is an intimate venue. Charming and romantic on the outside. Dark and dank on the inside. Side note, never order wine from a dive bar, I learned that the hard way. Bleck.

I was lucky enough to have my Pisces Soul Sister drive down from LA with me. I’d never had a chance to see MY band with her. I was blessed to have her along with two other new ASF Lamplighters by my side to experience this special event.
The Lamplighter community always looks forward to seeing each other at shows. For the first time, for the thirteenth time and this time was no different. A group of us met up for a pre-show meal. When our belly’s were full, we took a lovely San Diego night stroll over to the venue. Planes landing only steps away the entire time. Pausing our fan-girling for only those brief moments. 

Crossing the threshold of The Casbah is like coming home for me. I find myself wrapped up in the warm embrace of the twinkle lights welcoming me back. First thing I see when I walk in? ASF’s analog message board. If I ever doubted calling them my favorite band {I never have} then this night they proved to be worthy of my adoration. I’ll let you read the board.
Yeah. These are my Lads. I love them because they get us, they embrace us, their Lamplighters.

I wrote my heart out for that message board and then proceeded to unlock their Secret Rooms box for the first time. 
The entire night was magical. The stage at knee height, facing Robert’s piano, Spencer directly in front of me drumming his heart out. Robert coming over and singing a song with me. 

And then….then…the encore. 

Which they didn’t leave the stage prior to, they just jumped directly into. Robert starts off by saying they would be playing a song they hadn’t played in a very long time. My mind raced to think of one off their The City That Sleeps album. They went back even further to the little known The Projectionist. The song Lamplight. Their fan’s namesake.

He proceeded to dedicate the song to his Lamplighters in attendee, who have traveled to show after show and continue to spread the word of the band. Then points directly at my girlfriend and I who I met though the band. I tried not to bawl, blew him a kiss and grabbed my phone to record this special serenade. 
And yes its completely blurry! I was trying not to cry! LOL Such a lovely gesture. Such a special way to start off their tour! They understand what their music, all music, does to people and they embrace that.

The show ends and we are all on a concert high! Thankfully a few of us will be seeing them a couple days later in LA. That show would take place at The Troubadour and would be all ages. So our night in San Diego, a 21+ venue was a lot more intimate and gave us more time to spend one on one with our Lads.
Upon seeing Robert and Spencer one on one, I gush to them about the new album, that they were selling two days early, but I had already been listening to for a month since I received a press release. I was the only one in attendance who knew all the lyrics...it was kinda special. My favorite off the new album entitled A Silent Film, I Don't Need A Reason. I named it one of my top five of their songs, it's that good....
...I bought three! Robert was surprised...but I had to buy one for myself, of course and one for the girlies that I have been taking care of since 2009. They love ASF as much as I do and were so happy when I played the new album for them a few weeks prior. 

Now how amazing and magical the San Diego show that opened their tour was, the LA show was the complete opposite for me. I've had such up and down days these past seven months that I feel like I am crazy sometimes. The Saturday of the second show was one of those days.

This happened hours before, and I was trying to get myself out of a funk. I visited LACMA for the first time, something I've always wanted to do. All I wanted to be was invisible. The museum helped me accomplish that. I plugged in my headphones and wandered the galleries alone.
I was suppose to host a Lamplighter meet up that day, but my friends had to cancel and thirty minutes after it was suppose to begin, no one had shown up, so I left. I was so thankful. I really wasn't in the mood to meet new people. I was barely in the mood for my favorite band, which made me even more down.

Luckily one really great music friend helped me that day. We both talked about the similar paths we were on life and career wise and gave each other the same advice, which we both needed to follow for ourselves. Spoiler alert, we did. I'm so happy she was by my side that night, because I probably wouldn't have stayed for the show otherwise.
And it was an amazing show. I've never seen Robert smile so much on stage, and that in turn made me smile. The crowd sang along to all their new stuff, which I found shocking and thrilling! Pulling me out of my grim mood for the entire time they occupied the stage.
The show ended and my blues returned. So much so that I didn't even want to talk with the Lads. That has never happened. I had a quick and sweet conversation with Robert and then quietly slipped out.

Since that night I've had ups and downs. But for the past two days I've been up. It is all due to my co workers at the theater. I am so lucky to have friends at my job that listen to me and truly care about me. They make my days better and me better. I wouldn't have made it through these past seven months without them. Here's to better days, staying up and amazing music!

{I am forever Figuring Out My Place In Time And Space. Learn and grow with me by reading my other heart felt and often over sharing articles!}


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I'm so glad I got to experience this band with you Megan! Hoping your good days outweigh the bad soon! Remember that the sweet is not so sweet without the sour. Xoxo

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