Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Awesomely Autumn Pumpkin Products: Bath and Body Works

This week I went shopping for a way to bring the pumpkin smell into my house all day long!
As soon as you get near the Bath and Body Works store you know it is pumpkin time!

I smelled EVERY pumpkin candle in the shop, just for you and these are my top picks. I bought Autumn Sky for my house as it was my most favorite of all. Any of the ones that had Autumn in the name were more of my favorite than the pumpkin ones {shocking I know!}.

A long with the candles, there is also a huge selection of pumpkin hand soap. Since you cannot smell them, I judged them by their photo and name! I love both pumpkin and cupcakes so that was an easy choice for me. The hand soaps being 5 for $25 is such a great deal, you could almost get one of each pumpkin flavor!

Once Halloween begins to get a bit closer,  I like to go into the theme. Thankfully Bath and Body Works knows how to get me with cats! I also had to get the Vampire Blood hand soap! The mini hand sanitizers are perfect for the purse and also come in many Halloween scents.

What pumpkin items have you spotted at Bath and Body Works that you love?! Tweet me your photos and share your recommendations!  #PumpkinLUV

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Sarah Marvelous said...


Seriously, autumn is the best. I crammed my face full of pumpkin bundtcake yesterday and I have a pumpkin spice candle next to me. Love it!

Eris said...

This takes me back. I worked at B&BW one holiday season a few years ago. It smells great at first but I was thrilled when the Christmas scents took over, Yay for Peppermint. Also on the hand soaps you can unscrew the tops to smelled them, people do that all the time : )

Marisela | NomNom Kingdom said...

B&BWs is the best. I also go in there with my husband and we smell ALL of the candles! It's a good time. lol Our candle supply is low so it is time for another trip.

Joie Fatale said...

I bought two of the Trick-or-Treat candles. They aren't really pumpkin, but they smell UH-MAY-ZINNNG!!!!

MeghanSara said...

I was just there buying 3-wick candles (on sale hollaaaa) and didn't even SEE Autumn Sky! I'm dead curious now how it smells! I bought Leaves and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin because they were the most evocative for me!!

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