Friday, October 9, 2015

5 Fandom Friday: 5 Hand Over My Heart, Swoon & All The FEELZ A Silent Film Songs

I'm being a rebel and skipping another 5 Fandom Friday! Last week it was 6 Months of Singleness and this week it's my British Brothers A Silent Film.

Another A Silent Film tour is upon us Lamplighters and I couldn’t be more excited! If you follow along with The Nerdy Girlie team, you know that this is OUR band and we couldn't be more pumped that they are back in the States touring their new self-titled album which drops on October 16th!

The tour opens in San Diego on October 14th {I'll be there and the 17th show in LA!} and travels across the US ending up in Phoenix in November. Tickets are on sale now nerds! So NOW is the time to see the band I've been blabbing about for years, LIVE and in person! Trust me they are pure magic on stage...just listen to these 5 songs for a sneak peak!
1. Aurora. It is the piano intro that pulls at my heart. Eight notes repeated over and over. Then Robert’s haunting voice fills my ears and travels deep into my soul. “The more you guide my hand, the less I understand.” This resinates with me because every time I get around my ex, I feel like this happens. I know in my heart what the right things are for me are, but he had a way of making me doubt myself. He did. Now that six months have passed, I feel like we finally understand each other more than ever.
2. Cuckoo Song. “I’ll be there in the morning if there are fireworks tonight.” And done. The most romantic line ever written.
3. Message in the Sand. Again with the piano intro, they pull at my heart strings so. The entirely of this song is how I want to be loved. It builds like a relationship. Sweet and simple beginnings. The drums come in after the first chorus making your begin to race. Then the guitar hits in the third chorus and the passion carries you away. "May I surprise your teary eyes with a message in the sand."
4. I Don’t Need A Reason. All of these songs hooked me on the first note. A smile crosses my face immediately and that is how I know it’s special. I love what their music does to me. My heart slows, then quickens and all I want to do is dance out my feelings. ASF makes love sounds so easy. As it should be. "I was gonna call you up last night. I swear that we were having the same dream, again."
5. Lake Swimming. The Music Maven and I, along with the rest of the Lamplighter family, have been waiting for this song for two years. I remember where and when I heard this song for the first time and every time I hear it I am taken back to that place and those feelings. I cannot help but smile through the entire song and cannot wait to hear ASF open with it {fingers crossed} on Wednesday in San Diego at my favorite venue, The Casbah, where I saw them for the very first time on my 30th birthday. It will definitely feel like a full circle moment. Surrounded by the music and the people I love most! 
SOOOOOOO if you DO go see them in person...and you SHOULD, tell them The Nerdy Girlie...Megan sent you and give them a BIG hug for me!

Still tweet and tag me in YOUR 5 Fandom Friday posts on Insta, Twitter and Facebook! I'll give you a RT over on Twitter! Thanks for bearing with me nerds and my musical obsessions! See you next week with my favorite things about Halloween!


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Sierra (Geek&Glitter) said...

Okay, you've finally broken me down...after seeing you talk so much about this band I finally decided to give them a listen. Their music is so beautiful, but catchy at the same time! I think I'm going to have to get into the lyrics a little more, but so far I'm really enjoying them :) Thanks for the list of songs to get me started.

Here's my 5 Fandom Friday post:

dePepi said...

Awww, this is super cool! And the last pic!! <3 So cool!!!

Megan Gotch said...

Thanks! They are some of my favorite subjects to shoot :) xx

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