Monday, April 20, 2015

The Music Maven's Music Monday #39: A Silent Film New Year EP

So, when I started writing this review I tried to put on my “reviewer hat” – critical and unbiased. That proved to be impossible. There are some bands that you love so much that you just can’t hide it. So, I’m not even going to pretend on this one – Nerdy Girlie readers know by now that A Silent Film is “our” band and we’re not afraid express our love for their music.
A Silent Film will release their New Year EP tomorrow, April 21st.  Longtime fans will love New Year and it will surely gain them new followers.

This four song EP opens with two synth-driven tracks.  Paralysed is a track that takes me right back to the 80’s with its memorable keyboards, driving beat, and chanting chorus. The single Tomorrow also features heavy synth work, and great harmonies by lead vocalist Robert Stevenson and percussionist Spencer Walker. Tomorrow also features guitar work during the bridge that would make U2’s The Edge proud.  
The second half of the EP takes a turn into more familiar territory. My favorite song on the EP is Strong Enough – fans heard an early version of this song live on ASF’s last tour – the final recorded version is simply stunning. In fact, I’ve yet to get through an entire listen without breaking into tears. Strong Enough is about seeking purpose and strength after loss. This song is quintessentially A Silent Film – profound lyrics and a melody that demands repeat listenings. The EP closes with the piano ballad turned anthem Message In The Sand. The song begins as a swoon-worthy narrative, and then builds into an anthem that will have listeners singing out loud.

New Year exemplifies everything I love about A Silent Film – masterful storytelling that is all at once cinematic and personal, sing-along refrains, and beautiful melodies that quite often take my breath away.

A Silent Film fans are excited to hear tracks from the New Year EP on the band’s upcoming Secret Rooms Tour. The band will play twelve intimate sets across the U.S. beginning in April – I personally cannot wait to see them in Denver.  11 days and counting!!!!!!!


Joie_Fatale said...

Today is a GREAT day!!! :D

Tillie Elvrum said...

It really is! New music always makes me happy but especially from ASF!

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