Friday, April 17, 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Theme Park Rides

I LOVE Disneyland and Disney World. If I could live there I totally would. This year I think is the year for me to get my very first annual pass! Now that I look back on my choices, I think their might be a small theme of rides that are immersive and tell a story! Also they all revolve around some of my favorite movies!
1. Big Thunder Mountain, Disney World and Disneyland. This one has always been my favorite. A roller coaster but not TOO crazy! The story behind the ride, the scenery and the explosions and at night it is even better!
2. Harry Potter And The Forbidden Journey, Universal Studios Orlando. The queue for this one was astronomical but the way it was set up was perfect. Walking through the greenhouses, through the castle and discovering so many wonders! Time didn't matter, it was fun to see all the details.

THEN the ride! Part screen watching, part animatronics. I loved how seamless it was. The dragon had to be the best oh and the Dementors!
3. Backlot Tour, Universal Studios Hollywood. This is one the very first rides I remember ever riding. I distinctly remember closing my eyes at a young age and missing Jaws! So years later when I was able to ride it as an adult, I was in love and excited to see Jaws so close! #sharkobessed
4. Peter Pan's Flight, Disneyland. The moment the ship takes off and you actually feel like you are flying is completely magical! The music, the scenes are so amazing. I'm not the biggest Peter Pan fan, but this ride is so impressive I can't help but love the world.
5. Haunted Mansion at Christmas, Disneyland. This past Christmas was the first time I have seen The Haunted Mansion all dressed up! I thought I loved it before, I love it even more at Christmas. I wish they could keep it like that all year long!

I cannot believe I had pictures of all my favorite rides. Though I guess I shouldn't be! It took a bit of digging, but I managed it! I cannot wait to read about your favorite rides! Tag me on Twitter for a RT and share in the comments below!


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MeghanSara said...

I love that picture of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - I was totally obsessed with it as a kid and I love how you clarify that it's not TOO wild - it's just fun!

♡ Kristin ♡ said...

Going to Disney during Christmas is my dream. One year, I'm going to do it! I love Haunted Mansion and I cannot believe I forgot about it until I saw Cate's post!

Joie_Fatale said...

I've never been to Universal Studios Hollywood! I need to! Peter Pan is one of my favorite rides ever (I might make a part 2 post lol).

Katya Owu said...

That haunted mansion looks amazing! Also Harry Potter & Universal are THE #1 reasons I need to visit the US!

melificent said...

I'm so glad we had one in common! I also adore Peter Pan - it's pure magic!

Nina said...

YAASS to all your Disney picks! The Haunted Mansion during Christmas is the best!! The last time I went to Universal Studios, the Jurassic Park ride was still new (soooo long ago!). I can't wait until the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens in California next year!!

Katie Hogan said...

Quite jealous that all these awesome rides are in US. The only rides I've been on are from the UK probably only theme parks - Thorpe Park, Chessington and Alton Towers.

Florentina Scusi said...

Great post! I love theme park rides!

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