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The Cast of Being Human: The Best Photo Op You Will Ever Do!

Dragon Con just wrapped up this past weekend and the best thing to come out of the con was ALL the amazing Being Human cast photo ops!  

Being Human is the true story... of 3 strangers... a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost… living in a house...working together and having their lives find out what happens...when people stop being polite... and start getting real...

Being Human is one of my all time favorite shows.  I was heart broken when the show ended earlier this year and wrote all about it HERE.  But once the show ended, REAL fun began!

The cast of Being Human are the funniest, nicest, fan-friendly bunch of actors I have ever seen.  They are always willing to say hi, snap a picture and make it worthy of our love they now HOW to make a con amazing!
I have seen the epic-ness that is a Being Human photo op, but sadly have not had a chance myself to participate in one {though I did get the awesome photo above at SDCC 2011}.  So I found some of THE best Being Human cast photo op participants from Dragon Con 2014 and asked the to share their story and  pictures!

Travis from Travis The Grimm:
I went up to the cast and they treated me (just like they treated each and every fan!) like we were life long friends!  It was amazing.  We all gathered in a circle and Sam Huntington asked if I had any ideas. I had seen the pose I wanted to do once before, I said, “Can we do the one where we ride on Sam’s back?”

Meaghan then said, “The seesaw or the motorcycle?” (They have names for them!!) 
I then said, “The one where you two are lying on the ground!” with a big smile on my face. 
Meaghan then replied, “Yeah! The Motorcycle!” and everyone then begun to take position with Meaghan leading.  Kristen and I then got on Witwer aka The Motorcycle’s back and Sammy and Meaghan played the role of roadkill on the floor. The picture was taken, I gave Meaghan a high five and left.  It was the most hilarious/surreal moment of my life and The Being Human cast are the most friendly/nice/awesome cast I’ve ever seen or met!

Gregg: @WellbutrinXL300
The idea for my Being Human photo op was humbly sparked from my t-shirt, and from there it went completely off the rails. When it was my turn I nervously approached the group, the little voice in my head screaming, “Don’t look like a deer in headlights! Don’t fall down! Smile, you idiot!”
I shouldn’t have worried. I was greeted warmly as I shook hands with each cast member. The last hand I shook was that of Sam Huntington. I pointed at my shirt and asked, “Is this where I go for the werewolf dance party?”

He looked at my shirt and grinned. He then turned to Sam Witwer, whose silhouette is emblazoned on the shirt, and said, “Hey, Sam, it’s a werewolf dance party!” Witwer responded, “Then we should dance!” And then things just went crazy.

Before I knew it, Sam Huntington was jumping around like he was having some kind of fit, Sam Witwer was contorting his face and body in ways that shouldn’t be possible, and Kristen Hager was pirouetting like a ballerina. And Meaghan Rath…no lie, Meaghan Rath was doing cartwheels. A couple of shots were ruined because Meaghan’s legs were flying through the air directly in front of Froggy, the photographer, blocking everyone else out.

And the end of it all, despite my best efforts, I appeared exactly like a deer in headlights. In hindsight, I wish I had done more than just stand there, but I was so stunned, albeit pleasantly, by what I was witnessing I could do nothing else. In my defense, nobody can ever be truly prepared for the pandemonium that is the principal cast of Being Human. Next year, though. Next year, I’m going to be ready for the Being Human photo op. Next year, I’m going to dance.

Jacqueline:  @jmelaun12
My sister and I met the Being Human cast at the Dragon Con Walk of Fame in Atlanta on Sunday.  Our parents, being mildly pretentious, gave my sister and I French names.  We’ve had to explain to people our entire lives that no, we’re not French, although we use the French pronunciation.  It was no different when we met the cast of Being Human.  They asked us about our names and if we were French.
Initially, we were just going to do the tables at the Walk of Fame for Being Human. However, after meeting them and attending their panel, we realized what a rare chance it was to meet such a unique cast.  We’ve always been huge fans of the show and decided to go for the fully monty where the photo ops and autographs were concerned. 

When we showed up at their fan photograph session, they’d remembered that we were the sisters with French names “even though they aren’t really French!”  They joked about it while they were trying to decide which pose to use for our photo. Sam Witwer suggested “the limbo” and voilà, the picture was born! The chicks were the ones "playing limbo" under Sammy's leg while my sister and I had the job of "propping up" the guys.  I have to say, if you’re a fan of the show and get the opportunity to meet all of the cast or attend a Being Human panel, do it! They are an absolute riot, friendly, and some of the most genuine actors I’ve met.

As a huge fan of Being Human, I couldn't wait to buy my photo op with the cast at Dragon*Con this year. I'd seen countless pictures from other conventions and the very idea of having my very own was thrilling. 

Lacy:  @lacymaranda
My friend, Danielle, and I pondered for days before our schedules photo op with the cast, frantically trying to decide what we'd want to do in the photo. Stand and smile? Not a chance. These guys weren't just the "stand and smile" type anyway, so we had to think of something funny! But nothing we came up with seemed fitting or creative enough. There was little I could come up with that would even remotely touch the ones I'd already seen. 

So when the time came for our photo op with the cast of Being Human, we had no solid ideas. After they greeted us, we decided to be upfront and simply request a funny shot seeing as we came unprepared after all. I wasn't entirely worried about their ability to come up with something on the spot, as I'd stood and watched the fans before me step in for photos. I'd witnessed the cast hide under a princess' dress and do their best "sexy leg" poses without being prompted. These guys didn't even have to be asked. 

But after only a moment of the three thinking of their next move, Sam Witwer falls to the floor and explains that he'll just play dead. Immediately, Meaghan steps on Sam Witwer as Sam Huntington gets into his desired position with the priceless expression on his face. Danielle and I take a moment to absorb the situation and simultaneously decide to follow Meaghan's lead. After the photo was taken, I offered a hand to Sam Witwer and helped him back up and thanked them all for what would turn out to be the best photo op I've ever had.

Cameron:  @cameronMmoore
First of all, I love these people.  Sam, Meaghan, Kristen, and Sammy are some of the most genuine, down to earth people you will ever meet, just don’t get them started on how attractive they are, YouTube that if you’d like a good laugh/cry.

I booked a photo op with the "Fab Four" before I even bought my ticket for the convention. I actually went to the convention just for the Being Human cast, and it was one of the best weekends I can remember.

My photo op was on Saturday at 9:10 AM so I know they had to be exhausted but they didn't care. The line moved quickly even though this group doesn't exactly do your run of the mill group photos, not even close.

When it was my turn, they greeted me with smiles and high-fives.  Since I had already heard, “Hey, ride Witwer like a motorcycle,” I didn't figure these guys would be too shy about other ideas.  So I walked right up to Sam, who politely stuck out his hand to shake mine, and I replied “oh no, no, no” and wrapped my arms around his waist.  I may or may not have a giant crush on Sam Witwer.  He was like, “well, okay then,” and someone behind me said, “well there’s our picture I guess.” I could hear other people in line behind me laughing.  I had no clue what the cast was doing in the photo, but I knew it was probably good, and it was. 

So… Sam, Meaghan, Sammy, and Kristen, if you are somehow reading this, thank you for an awesome weekend. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you. My only regret is that there isn't some way to just hang out with y’all. You are four fantastic human beings.

Becky:  @beckyb731 

So mine isn't with the whole cast, just Sam Witwer. But it's epic. 
I knew I wanted to imitate a cheesy romance novel cover.  I went to the walk of fame the day before my op to show Sam the picture and make sure he was ok with it. He said "I think anyone who watches our show knows that we're all crazy, we'll do whatever people want."  It turned out even better than I'd hoped! When I took it to him to autograph, he named our novel "Anton Unleashed" and his friend at the table could not stop laughing and saying "look at his face."

Are these NOT amazing?!  I cannot wait to have the chance to get my photo with this cast.  Not only because I loved their show so much, but because they are genuine, fun human beings!  Thank you guys fro being so down to earth and ROCKING every photo!

Have you ever done a photo op at a con before?!  What was your favorite and why?!  Share your awesome stories with us below!

{If you have a Being Human photo op story and picture email me at: so I can add your story to the awesome ones above!}


B said...

I still can't stop laughing over the photo Travis did. It's amazing. I've done a few photo ops but I guess my most "weird" pose would be when I rode on Stephen Amell's back!

Eris said...

Love these! Its great when actors really care about their fans

Usagi said...

I saw Travis' photo but the other two are as equally awesome!! I only seen the first season but seeing the cast care so much about the fans, I need to go back and finish the series!


Usagi, it is one of my favorite shows, funny, great writing, great cast. Perfect! xo


So jealous over Travis', I want to be him in that picture! LOL #swoon


Thank you Melissa! xx

Nerd Burger said...

Hahahahha. They are all so fantastic!!!! I love when the people actually put effort into their phots. These are so cool that I am finally going to watch being human because of it. :)

Melificent said...

These are hysterical!!!! I love me an absurd photo op (although I usually just go in for the squee hug).
Being an anglophile, have you seen the original UK series? I actually like it more than the US version (don't kill me)!


LOL Meli! I started watching it but I loved the US version so much it was weird. I'll have to give it another go! xx

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