Wednesday, September 3, 2014

#nerdgirlproblems: Obsession

I find writing very therapeutic.  Anytime I have a problem, complaint or rant, I write it out.  I never have to send it, publish it or even let anyone else see it, just writing it is enough.  But sometimes there are things that I NEED to share!  That is why I am so thankful for the nerd community.  I can turn to you guys and not feel alone, open up a dialogue and we can share TOGETHER!  Writing alone can be, well, lonely, but all I have to do is turn on Twitter, Facebook, write an email or read your comments to know that I truly am NOT alone!

As of lately I have been dwelling on obsessions, why I'm obsessed with some things and not others, what makes us obsessed with these things and WHY doesn't The Hunny understand!?

Current obsessions:

*Union Jacks - I don't have a specific date as to when this obsession came to full force, it might be around the time I go into Doctor Who, Sherlock and A Silent Film.  Needless to say, I'm obsessed.
Example:  The Hunny and I were out shopping for nothing in particular, just browsing.  We take the escalator up to the top floor of a shop and I turn the corner to see a Union Jack couch!  I about fell to my knees with excitement and a loud squee left my lips.  I was even asked recently on Instagram as to how many Union Jack items I own!  When YOU all notice...YES it is an obsession.
I can spot them a mile away and have a HUGE urge to "catch them all."  Though I have controlled my urge to buy {since we are going to the UK next year}, the desire is still there.  On this obsession The Hunny just roles his eyes, takes my camera or hands over the monies!

*The 1975 - On 5/18/2014 I posted The Gamer Geek's My Blog As A Mixed Tape post.  The entire team had done one {The Nerdy Girlie, The Music Maven} and per usual I proof read the post and get it ready for publishing.  Sometimes I scan, most of the time I read, not all the time dose what my co-writers post stick {ask The Music Maven! LOL}.  But this time something did.
Reading The Gamer Geek's playlist I saw a song named Chocolate.  Chocolate?  I love chocolate!  So I clicked on his link.  It took me to the song and it was from the first note I was hooked!  Since then I have listened to The 1975 EVERYDAY.  I've even got into the routine of taking my mini speakers into the bathroom and listening while I shower!  I take those speakers everywhere, even on vacation, and always The 1975 is playing.

Example:  While vacationing in Las Vegas with The Music Maven, we sat by the pool to relax and complain about how they were not playing any good music.  Chocolate then comes on the pool's sound system and I squeed loud enough to have everyone look my way!  Oops?!
I tried the other day to put my iPod on shuffle, and guess what I loved it! I heard some songs that I love and hadn't heard in a while and was enjoying myself.  But there was always this longing to go back to The 1975's album.  Then I thought, why?  I did a bit of research and since music gives me such a happy "high" my brain wants more and more of that "high."  Music I love = happiness = NEED = addict.  I find it highly interesting!  The human mind is such a complex thing!
As a fan-girl and a person, I know that I am super passionate about things, more probably than the average person.  I am highly emotional and have big and sudden leaps in moods.  Comparing myself to The Hunny who has none of those traits, can be rough.  He is on the LOW end of the emotional spectrum and I am on the HIGH end.   So it is hard when he doesn't understand my deep passion for things.  Luckily he DOES humor me {most of the time}.

That is when I turn to YOU and writing!  I know I have friends out there who feel the same way as I do, it is just hard when they are not in your everyday physical life.  Thank you for letting me write it out and thank you for always having my fan-girl back!
What are you obsessed with?!  Do you have someone in your day to day life you can relate to?!  Is it a girl thing or do my nerd guys have obsessions too?!  I'm always here if you need someone to fan-girl out with from a distance!


B said...

Pretty much all my friends have something their obsessed about. I think it's why we're friends! Right now I'd say I'm obsessed with "Parks & Rec" and the MCU!

RobeastKiLLa said...

I'm a big anime otaku and there are waaay too many new animes that I can keep up with and still have a life so I have to pick and choose. The Committee (my wife is my Princess Lea hence she is my committee *ESB*) is even more picky than I am so half of the time she's rolling her eyes at what I'm watching.

She's also more of the Star Wars movie fan so she doesn't really watch the animations or read the books and comics. She just gives me the "special kid" look when I start spazzing over the impending premier of Star Wars Rebels.

J said...

Currently I am obsessed with Witches of East End... I was watching it alone but then I made my husband watch it with me and luckily he liked it lol So now we watch the new episodes every Sunday together... yay!


Hopelessly Geeky said...

I think we nerds naturally have that personality-so obsession is part of the deal LOL.


LOL that is so great to hear, everyone has their own special eye roller :) xo


Oh nice I will have to check that out! I always love having an obsession the hunny understands! xo


YES! Thank you! xo

Patty Martinez said...

Supernatural. Supernatural. Supernatural. I can hardly wait for the season 10 premiere on Oct. 7 and the convention in Burbank in November!


Patty I would love to go to an entire convention devoted to ONE fandom! Hoping maybe Gallifrey One in Feb!

Sam said...

Oh man.. I have so many obsessions. Halloween, Disney, monster movies, Harry Potter, comics. The list could go on forever. I think that certain people are just extra enthusiastic about the things they love, and that's what being a nerd is all about!

Joie Fatale said...

The Gamer Geek's list got me into The 1975 too! I remember talking about this at the lake!
You told me they were a little bad-boy in style!
But I like them a lot!!!

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