Saturday, September 6, 2014

Runaway with The Lunar Chronicles!

One of the things I love most about being a nerd is my unabashed adoration of books.  You will often catch me carrying my latest read around wherever I go, just in case I get a spare moment to soak up a few pages.  Lately I have been swept up in the Young Adult genre...practically reading any book that will be made into a movie or any series that is popular in the ever growing YA category.

By complete accident I found out about The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer.  Her series was casually mentioned in an entertainment article and the blurb about it piqued my interest.  A futuristic twist on Disney princesses & fairy tales?  Sure!  And so I found myself at the bookstore the next day, picking up the first book in the series - Cinder.  
Cinder spins the tale of the classic Cinderella – but set in the science fiction/futuristic era.  To add even more of a twist, Cinder is a half human/half cyborg mechanic.  With the basic plot lines of the original story…the stepfamily, the ball, and catching the eye of a dashing Prince…Meyer still creates a unique world.  The additions of mysterious pasts, a rocky political climate, and a deadly disease keep the story fresh.  (Plus, if you loved Firefly...Cinder reminds me a great deal of our beloved Kaylee. And bonus, Meyer is a self proclaimed Browncoat! Squee!) 
The next book in the series, Scarlet, takes on the story of Little Red Riding Hood.  With the mysterious disappearance of Scarlet’s grandmother, she embarks on a journey to get the truth about her life, past, & family.  Scarlet enlists the help of a street fighter, Wolf, who also has secrets of his own.  Together they must face an intense expedition and formidable foes to gain answers.  Again, Marissa keeps the basics of the original story while adding her own flair.
Cress, a story about Rapunzel is the most current book in The Lunar Chronicles.  Locked in a satellite since childhood, Cress is an excellent hacker.  All she has in the rotating satellite above earth is tablets & active imagination to keep her company.  (And yes of course, she has the long untrimmed hair!)  After knowing only the space of her small confines, Cress ventures beyond her tower and goes on a thrilling & gripping adventure of self discovery and confidence.
While these are the only three books out currently, there are plans for two more by Meyer in this series.  Coming out in January 2015 is Fairest – a prequel about Queen Levana, the main villain who has overarching story arcs in each book.  And finally in November 2015, Winter (Snow White) hits shelves!  This will follow Queen Levana’s stepdaughter, and her journey to escape from Levana’s rule. 

The Lunar Chronicles is one of the best series I’ve picked up.  It is the perfect blend of nerdy AND girlie!  With sweet romances, lovable characters, intense action, and all the science fiction you can imagine – this series truly puts the twist on fairy tales in the BEST way.  And plus, Meyer is hysterical.  Her wit and ability to fashion character arcs is so refreshing.  These books are generally light-hearted and an easy read….And ones I HIGHLY recommend!


Jenn said...

This sounds like such a great series! I love reading different takes on classic fairytales. I hope my library has Cinder.

I just found your blog today; I love it!

Katy said...

Great post! I read Cinder last year, and fell in love. School has kept me busy but I hope to read Scarlett this semester too. Can't wait for Meyers next books in the series. :)

Anna said...

Eep! Sounds like a great series!! I will be adding this to my reading list. I love your book reviews! ~GlitzyGeekGirl

Emelie said...

I LOVE THIS SERIES!! I swear, I feel like we're book soulmates or something. Haha

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