Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Heroes’ Transformation a review

By:  Els aka Nerd on the Run

The Heroes’ Transformation by Jeff Mueller (aka The Mighty Jerd) is a three e-book bundle that equips readers with the tools for becoming a healthier individual.  The book is split up into three sections, each commenting on different aspects of health. 
The first section discusses the philosophy of transforming your body into the hero it has always been destined to become. Jeff walks through 8 crucial principles that you need to know to be victorious in the path towards health.  Each tenet is throughly explained, while providing easy tips to accomplish each principle successfully. The guide also educates the reader about the basics of food, and what you should and shouldn't be eating.
The second piece of the transformation guide delves into a key component of a healthy lifestyle: food.  A comprehensive list of kitchen essentials is given, as well as the necessary food that should become staples in the pantry & cupboards. Jeff provides numerous recipes for every meal of the day, and even offers options on how to change/flavor these meals differently.  In addition, the Jeff lists additional resources on diets and meal plans. 
The final installment of The Heroes’ Transformation provides the strategies to implement a healthy lifestyle.  Jeff gives real ideas on how to stay motivated when beginning this lifelong process.  He warns of the common pitfalls that accompany the health world, as well as offering insight about the groceries to buy and where to buy them.

As a nerd of both science and comics, I LOVED this comprehensive guide.  Jeff did an excellent job giving the facts about diet & exercise while not overwhelming the reader with unnecessary health/science jargon.  Everything is well explained but not overly verbose, and Jeff is hilarious and makes you chuckle on each page.  As an added bonus, the nerd references that are woven throughout these books made me squee & fangirl with delight.  Jeff truly accomplishes merging the fitness and nerd worlds in these e-books.   

The Heroes’ Transformation will be available September 8, 2014 on for ONLY $12!  You can read more tips from Jeff on his blog The Mighty Jerd and follow along with his tweets on Twitter: @themightyjerd.  If you sign up for his newsletter NOW you will be given a discount when the book is released and a free e-book The Top 7 Fitness Obstacles Newbies Face!

As a nerd how do you get your fitness on?  Comment below and let us know what you think of Jeff's book once it is released!


Jennifer @ Geek Chic Mama said...

Looks great! How much will the books be? I didn't see any info for them on his site.


hey Jen, it is going to be only $12!!

Emelie said...

This sounds amazing!! Love it.

Blair said...

Jeff is a great guy with a sound message to all those who believe they have to sacrifice their geeky passions for health, and show them they can both live in harmony in your life. Looking forward to this :)

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