Tuesday, August 19, 2014

8 Ways to Get Ready for the Doctor Who Series 8 Premiere!

Whovians of the world unite in their excitement THIS Saturday August 23rd for the series 8 premiere and the introduction of the NEW 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi.  WHO's ready?!  I sure am! You have a bit more time to prepare so until then...here is something to help pass the time and create an awesome Whovian experience!
1.  Everyday Cosplay - From the companions to the Doctors you can find something to make you stand out at the premiere!

2.  Netflix Marathon - Netflix has ALL the new episodes up, including the 50th and this past year's Christmas special.
3.  Nerd Crafts - Need something to wear for the premiere?!  No problem!  Try our TARDIS shoes, TARDIS tee or crate your own special cuppa!
4.  Plan that party - I threw a party for the series 7 premiere and the 50th anniversary!  Decorate, bake and don't forget to invite your fellow Whovians!

5.  Local Showing - There will be midnight showings and Monday after showings in local theaters around the country.  Make sure you search your local cinema for the one closest to you!  I went for the 50th and it was so much fun!  Don't forget to bring your sonic!

6.  Connect with Whovians - #DoctorWho will be all over the place this weekend on Twitter!  Follow it to find new friends and discuss/debate/dissect the new episode!
7.  Read the comics - I picked up a few at this year's Comic Con and it was a fun way to dive back into the adventures of the Doctor and pass the time until the season begins!

8.  Doctor Who Sleep Over - Technically this is AFTER the premiere, but it is too fun not to mention!
My girl friends over at The Fangirl Diaries are hosting a Doctor Who Sleepover!  Come RSVP to the fun!

So...how are YOU getting ready for the BIG premiere?!  Let us know in the comments below!


Megan R said...

My friend is actually getting married the night of the premier and, at least in this case, friendship trumps watching the Doctor ASAP (I like to think he would approve). But I can promise I won't watch it when I get home after the wedding at 2am!!

rosa de los reyes said...

omg that cake is so cute! haha and i love your everyday cosplay + shoes! ill have to admit that i have only seen one episode of Doctor Who! i want to have a marathon.. ill have to take a couple days off from work! haha

Melificent said...

Thank you SO much for the love <3


Megan that is great! Avoid the spoilers! I know I do being on the West coast! Have fun at the wedding! xo


Rosa! You gotta watch! I always tell people to start with ep "Blink" then back to the beginning its a good intro episode! Thank you LUV! xo


You are the best! LUV you! xo

Emelie said...


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