Monday, August 18, 2014

IGGPPC Summer Camp: Everyday Cosplay Panel

The Internet can be a funny place!  When beginning my blogging journey I found a LOT of awesome geek girls on Twitter.  One of them is Leslie from the International Geek Girls Pen Pal Club.  After following her on various social media platforms, I recognized a picture of her adorable niece as a baby I had seen before!  Come to find out one of The Hunny's college buddies was the babies father!  The world can be a small place some time!
Meeting Leslie IRL for the 1st time at The Geekie Awards
{L to R: Arielle, Leslie, Me, Anne}

Flash forward to now and Leslie has asked me to join her and some other awesome nerds in an Everyday Cosplay Panel for IGGPPC's Online Summer Camp!  ALL the details are below, I hope you can all join us on THURSDAY August 21st!

THURSDAY August 21st 6PM CST – Everyday Cosplay Panel (Webinar)
Presented by Leslie Hunsinger, ft. Leo Camacho, Megan Gotch, and Joanna Volavka
Are you way into cosplay? Do you wish you could cosplay everyday, but don’t want to scare your family or get fired? A new movement in the world of fandom involves designing outfits inspired by our favorite comic book, movie, and pop culture icons. Join Leslie Hunsinger, aka Stewie, as she talks to a few of your favorite everyday cosplayers. We’ll cover such exciting topics and Disneybounding, inspired geeky ensembles, how to design an everyday cosplay, why cosplay is an important form of expression, and so much more!


Unknown said...

You ladies all look so adorable in your Geekie Awards garb! ♡

Nina //

PS: It was nice meeting you at your party during SDCC ☺


Thank you Nina, it was so good to finally meet you IRL! xo

Amanda said...

I'll have to try to tune in, I'm going to be at Wizard World Chicago that day! I'm doing Geeky Trivia tomorrow night for IGGPPCamp, though :)

Melificent said...

That's awesome!
I really have to get more involved with IGGPPC!

ps; How were the Geekies!??!


Oh fun Amanda, I'll have to check that one out! Have fun at WW Chicago! I'm jealous! xo


Thanks Meli, the Geekies...were meh...trying to decide if I want to write a post on it or not! LOL

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