Friday, August 22, 2014

My ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Unless you have been living under a rock lately you MIGHT have heard of a little thing called the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

The ones who have been getting the most attention are our favorite celebrities {Tom, Zac and CUMBERBATCH} and it is fun to watch theirs!  It's also fun to watch your friends as well {Michelle and Jamila}.

But then there is one that makes you stop and think as to why everyone is doing this in the first place.  Anthony Carbajal's video does that.  First you think it is just another funny video, it is, but it is also so much more.  If you stick around for the entire thing you will see what ALS really means.

You can donate directly to him here:

or ALS as a whole at :

I am happy to bring any amount of awareness to this disease, so here is MY video.  The Hunny helped me shoot it last night at our apartment's pool.  We needed an outside space and I kinda cheated by happening to do it by the spa!  I think it might have been the best day of his liiiiiiiifeeeee :)

I nominated The REST of The Nerdy Girlie Team:  The Music Maven, The Gamer Geek and Nerd on the Run!

The guys at The Nerd Fu:  Steve and Sully!

& The Mighty Jerd:  Jeff!

Have you participated in the challenge?  Share you links below.  Do you have an ALS story to share?  Share that below as well, because spreading the light on ALS is WHY we are doing this!


mi mundo de fimo said...

Jajajajaja I've seen a lot of ALS and Misha Collins' one was the best! I liked to see you doing it, it was so funny :)

J said...

Good for you for doing this!! I haven't done it and I really don't want to either lol! I get cold so fast so ice water poured over me is actually pretty terrifying :D



Thank you luv!!! xo


Thank you Jessica, that is why I was by the spa! :) xo

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