Sunday, August 24, 2014

Deep Breath...HellllooOOoo Doctor!

The day of the 12th Doctor finally arrived Saturday night.  I want to first say that the Whovians of the world are THE BEST at not spoiling the show for fans in other time zones.  I think I'm in one of the last zones to view the show live and I've never had anything spoiled!  Thank you Whovians.
MY Doctor came for tea!

I didn't realize that I missed Matt Smith {even though 10 is MY Doctor} until Peter Capaldi popped his head out of the TARDIS.  Even thought I knew he had regenerated {I just re-watched the 2013 Christmas special the day before} I was still surprised to see the Doctor's new face.  In that way I sympathized with Clara.  She missed the face she had traveled, saved and her and us this was someone new.

But unlike Clara I fell in love with 12 quicker.  As soon as he started flirting with that dinosaur, I saw bits of 11 in there and knew he was still the same Doctor we love despite his appearance {ps Capaldi is quite dapper!}

Once I knew I loved him, I wanted MORE of the Doctor.  I felt like we hardly got to know him in the first bit of episode, it left me yearning!  Instead we were stuck with Clara who was still blinded by her school boy crush on 11.  We all watched the episode so I won't go into detail about it but I loved that the baddies from my FAVE episode {Girl in the Fireplace} were back!
I made Jammie Dodgers from scratch!

The part that I really need to look back on is the very SURPRISING, I wasn't ready or expecting, Matt Smith cameo.  MOFFAT!!!!!  As soon as I saw his face I lost it.  Not because I didn't like the new Doctor, I DO!!  But because I had already said goodbye to him.  What came next was I think well played, since so many fans, like Clara, missed THIER Doctor.

12's speech to Clara, and I think the fans of Doctor Who, to look at him,  to see him even though his face had changed, he reminded us all that he was STILL the Doctor.  Just like the 11 times before.

Did you SEE the Doctor?!  How do you like Capaldi?  Share with me in the comments below!  I cannot wait to see where the Doctor takes us in the weeks to come, what his SONIC looks like and MORE of Capaldi!


Unknown said...

When Matt returned... THE FEELS!

Jenn said...

I just discovered your blog (love it), and I'm so glad this was the first post I read. It was very bittersweet to see Capaldi pop his head out of the Tardis. I was excited about meeting a new Doctor, but I missed 11 dearly. Matt Smith was not my first Doctor, but I consider him to be MY Doctor, so when he made that cameo, I got a little emotional. That said, I really, really love Capaldi and can't wait to see where this season goes!


Right Travis?! I was so unprepared for that!! xo


Hi Jenn! Thank you so much for finding my blog! I'm so happy to have you here! I loved the ep & Peter was perfect, just need to get use to it, i'm sure i'll be better next week! xo

mi mundo de fimo said...

I loved it! I think the new doctor is great and I didn't like Clara's attitude about him. I enjoyed the episode and I can't wait for the next one!!! said...

I LOVED this episode. Matt Smith is my Doctor and I feel very sad having lost him, but Capaldi was brilliant! I really enjoyed seeing him go through several mannerisms from past Doctors as The Doctor was struggling to find himself. And flirting with the dinosaur... adorably hilarious! I saw him... I saw him within 20 seconds of him speaking and I am sold.

Is it just me... or is the 12th Doctor still a touch sexy? :P


I'll concur on the lil bit sexy still :)


Me too I love the darker direction it is going in!

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