Sunday, July 27, 2014

San Diego Comic Con 2014 - Day Two

July 25th - The most stressful day of the con had finally arrived!  SherlockeDCC 2014 was our goal of the day!
First stop the San Diego Central Library, to set up as much as we could and still have some "me" time before the party!  It was quick and easy, we had a lot of help and of course...that view!!
I walked the hall, talked to a few friends and HAD to stop and get a picture with Charlie since I was wearing my A Silent Film tee :)
Before lunch we hit up the H Hall line to see my awesome friend An Englishman in San Diego, LENNY!  I do hope we have more time to chat on Sunday as we had to run off to lunch before heading back to the library for final set up and the party!
But just as we were trying to get a table at the Hard Rock Cafe, a Nerd HQ alert came through saying Elijah Wood was going to be doing a Smiles for Smiles.  I told The Music Maven, BYE and RAN over there, texting my friend So Melificent and she met me there!

Elijah was my VERY first crush, so I was SUPER nervous to meet him, but he was THE nicest guy!  He said hello and told me to come on over, he even inquired about my shirt!  So I got to spread the ASF love to one of my most favorite celebrities:)

It is always such a joy when someone you have loved for so long turns out to be a nice and genuine person.  It makes me feel like the love I've felt for him all these years was worth it.  Such an amazing feeling!

Now the SherlockeDCC party was this very night.  I am going to wait until after the con to write a wrap up of the event.  There is just TOO many people to thank and photos to share, that I want to do it properly!  So please stay tuned AFTER SDCC ends, for that.  Just please know it was more than I could have ever imagined!  The party was be continued!!

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Unknown said...

I love when celebrities are nice to their fans, Elijah Wood looks like such a nice guy :) it sounds like you are having so much fun at SDCC! I love reading these posts

Lori said...

Following you guys every step! Wishing I was there with you!

Amanda said...

I'm glad Elijah was nice! He's always seemed like he was, and I'm glad you can confirm it!

P.S. How tall are you? Isn't he only, like, 5'6"?


Amanda, he was a dream :) I'm 5'3" :) He's short :) xo


Thank you Fiona!! xo


AWW thanks Lori! xo

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