Saturday, July 26, 2014

San Diego Comic Con 2014 - Day One

July 24th - Thursday of Comic Con, was a nice slow start!  Everyone went their separate ways and it was nice to just ease into the con!
First stop for The Gamer Geek and I was The Penguins of Madagascar press conference!  We were both super hyped about being able to be THIS close to Benedict Cumberbatch.  I was a slight wreck thinking about it, but I was very proud of how I held it together!

The start time, 11:15am, comes and goes and we are all still waiting.  Then we had the creators come in around 11:22am.  A few minutes later John Malkovich showed up, which was AMAZING!  Seriously dude is a legend!!  So he took a few questions and was super funny!  Less than ten minutes later the conference ended and Cumberbatch never showed up!  The room erupted in anger and we just ran over to H Hall.
On the first day of the con, we WALKED into H Hall at noon!  What is that about?!  WOW!  But good for us.  I had my press badge so I was able to go right to the front.  That made up for him not showing up at the press conference.  The Music Maven who slept over night in H Hall ended up being in the 8th row.  She was the definition of a happy camper :)
After Cumberbatch's panel we had to go eat lunch, since non of us had that day!  Gotta love your one meal a day at SDCC! :)
Since The Hunny was heading on a family vacation that night, I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible.  So we walked the outside of the con and the inside before saying goodbye and heading over the the Female Geek Blogger meet up at McFadden's Saloon.
This meet up came together last minute and I am SOOOO happy it did.  I have been chatting with some amazing women all year and I was soooo happy to be able to talk with them in person, put a 3D figure to the face and get LOTS of hugs!  HUGE thank you to all the wonderful women who came out and I cannot wait for next year's meet up!
The night concluded at the Nerd HQ party, where I again got to meet some amazing people and have some of the best conversations ever!  It was the end of day one and it felt like the entire con had gone by!

PS We got our Matt Smith photo op and will be doing that on SATURDAY!!!!

Check out Day TWO of SDCC....


mi mundo de fimo said...

I love Benedict Cumbrebatch and to meet jim must be amazing! :)

Unknown said...

This sounds amazing! John Malkovich is a legend and you saw Benedict Cumberbatch too so I am super jealous! Your photographs are great :D

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