Wednesday, July 23, 2014

San Diego Comic Con 2014 - Preview Night

July 23rd - SDCC 2014 has official begun!!!!  Our first stop?  Town and Country to get The Music Maven's badge, so she could jump right into the H Hall line to wait for her Benedict.  She is there now, still waiting, and sleeping with the ants!
The rest the team, made sure she was all settled into her spot and we went to get our PRESS badges!!!  That was super quick and easy and then it was time to get line for the hall floor.  This was something I have never done!  It was so fun to be one  of the first few people on the con floor.
First stop on the the floor!?  BBCA!!!  I got right in the line, it was super quick and I spent ALL my SDCC money in one shot :)  Totally worth it!
Next door was The Outlander booth and I HAD to get something for The Music Maven as it is her FAVE!!  Everyone at the booth was so sweet and I cannot wait to read the books and watch the show now too!

THEN IT HAPPENED, I saw that MATT SMITH is going to be doing a photo op at booth #3945 on Friday and Saturday.  If you want one, they go on sale tomorrow and it's $100!  The Gamer Geek and I are going to try to get tickets for it...The Hunny's mission of the morning!

The floor is amazing as usual and it was not crowded at all, it was so nice to walk and not be squished.  I didn't see everything, but I got a nice over view.  I cannot wait to go back.
Nerd on the Run and I checked out the Godzilla exhibit which was FREE to ALL no badge needed.  We took a picture with Godzilla and got a neat tote bag!
At the Godzilla exhibit, I heard a familiar voice and turn to see my Nerd Fu buddies!!

My favorite part of the day?!  Walking around the floor and just bumping into friends!  It's only Wednesday and I've seen so many!  Thank you to everyone who has already said HI to me, it's my most favorite thing about the con!

OK BED, crazy day tomorrow!  Starting off with the Benedict Cumberbatch press conference and ending with my Female Geek Blogger meet up and Nerd HQ dance party!! SEE YOU THERE!!!! xo

Check out Day ONE of SDCC....


J said...

Woo hoo! looks like day 1 was a success!! Can't wait to read more!


Soph! said...

Fun day! I love the headpiece! ^_^ Hope you guys get the photo op with Matt!

Emelie said...

I'm so jealous, but thanks for the updates!! Have a great time and keep 'em coming! :)

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