Sunday, July 27, 2014

San Diego Comic Con 2014 - Day Three

July 26th - Today I am finally writing a wrap up on the day it happened!  It was such a busy day, but such an AMAZING DAY!
First off, I wore my SDCC swag bag dress made by my good friend Design Stitch Go!  I had so many people compliment me on the dress, it was a HUGE success!  THANK YOU LOUISE!!!! xo
Second thing today, was The Gamer Geek and I's Matt Smith photo op.  Before that I met up with Crazy 4 Comic Con for a a chat and semi-photo shoot.  It was so fun!  I am so lucky to have him as a nerd friend.  He is always so supportive and just super thoughtful and kind!

Then the Matt Smith drama happened!  He was suppose to have a photo op on Friday and Saturday, but the Friday one ended up not happening.  So there was mass craziness over at the booth and it was very disheartening.  I was upset, so was The Gamer Geek, but almost two hours later it was sorted and we were finally in THE LINE!
When it was our turn, we had seconds to drop our bags with a stranger before the curtain to Matt was opened and I was about pushed into the room.  I stopped and stared and couldn't believe he was real.  I kept touching him.  He is such a sweet fellow!  I had to stop us right before the photo because we almost forgot the Sonic Screwdriver!  We are both so happy with how the photo turned out and it went so fast my legs didn't turn to jelly until afterwards!
Then it was time to head over to Pet Co Park for the crowning of the king and queen of cosplay at the Courtyard Marriott booth.  I was lucky enough to be approached by their representative Kelly to help pick cosplayers for the show.  I HAD to pick the lovely Mia Moore and Liz Locksley!  They were both dressed as characters from Game of Thrones.
Judging the contest was Norman Reedus and Greg Nicotero.  I had been wanting to see Norman since season one of The Walking Dead and boy does he not disappoint!  He is probably THE nicest celebrity ever.  He took TONS of selfies with fans, signed a ton of things and even traded hats with a fan!  He was so appreciative and seemed like he was having a genuinely FUN time!

After that whirl wind of a day, we headed back to the convention center for a panel with Sam Witwer.  He came rushing in at the last minute, looking dashing all dressed up in a suit and I just couldn't take it!  He even made a joke about being dressed up, saying "I'm cosplaying as a douche."
Of course I HAD to bother him for a picture and I was able to take one for The Gamer Geek and Travis the Grimm as well.

The night ended with a FUN dinner with nerd friends.  I cannot believe tomorrow is the last day!  If we we haven't met up yet, FIND ME!  I'm going to try for the Lego Mini figure giveaway, then free the rest of the day!  WE SHOULD ALL MEET AT CRAZY 4 COMIC CON'S panel!!! 4pm in room 28DE!

ALL my photos will be slowly going up on my Facebook page, so make sure you check back there often!  A LOT were just put up!

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Unknown said...

It's a shame about the Matt Smith photo op (that it was rushed and sounded hectic) but the photo does look amazing!! Again, another brilliant day and I am so jealous, I definitely need to get me out there!

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