Monday, July 7, 2014

The Music Maven's Music Monday #12: Your San Diego Comic Con Playlist 2014

We’re only a couple weeks out from San Diego Comic Con – time to start packing our cosplay, sharpie markers and items we want signed, AND getting our SDCC music playlists going.  Here’s what I’ll be listening to as I get ready for the Con and what I’ll be listening to while hanging out in the H Hall line.

*California Waiting by Kings of Leon – the theme song for those of us who travel from out of state to SDCC.  I’m the worst procrastinator ever, I hate packing, but just the thought of seeing California palm trees gets me motivated to get ready for our SDCC/Cali adventures. 

*The Best Day Of My Life by American Authors – because let’s admit it, any day at SDCC is the best day of your life.

*From Nowhere by Dan Croll – GTA 5 fans will be familiar with this song.  P.S. I love his music so much.

*Oh, Mr. Darcy by The Doubleclicks – this sister duo takes nerdy music to another level.  This my favorite Doubleclicks track.  

*Bartholomew by The Silent Comedy – Love this band and they played a great set last year during SDCC at the History: Vikings Experience

*Dark Horses by Switchfoot – can’t have a SDCC playlist without a song from my favorite San Diego band.  

*I O U a Fall by Gemeni – A song about my favorite fandom and it’s such a great tune!  These lovely ladies will be performing during the SherlockeDCC Party at the San Diego Library.  Can’t wait to check them out live! 

*What I’ve Done by Linkin Park – what’s summer and SDCC without a blockbuster action movie song?  Linkin Park will be performing during mtvU’s events at Petco Park on Thursday during SDCC -- should be a great time! 

*Battle Cry by Imagine Dragons – this track is from this summer’s Transformers 4 movie.  Hard to believe this band has gone from performing in small clubs to writing for Michael Bay movies in a two year time span!

*Get Golden by Parade of Lights – this song was pretty popular during the Winter Olympics – it’s so good it’s one of my summer jams.  

And there you have it…some tunes to get you in the SDCC mood!  Share your favorites below and see you in San Diego!


Kyla said...

I wish I was going to SDCC - this playlist is great! I've only listened to a few of these songs, but I'm excited to listen to the rest.


Thank you Kyla! Of course you don't have to be going to SDCC to enjoy this awesome music!! xo

Unknown said...

Listen away, Kyla -- music can bring a little bit of SDCC to you!!! Thanks for reading and happy listening!

Joie Fatale said...

Love this! And "IOU a Fall" is so bloody brilliant! Great list Tillie!

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