Wednesday, July 9, 2014

San Diego Comic Con Line Con Tips & Tricks

As San Diego Comic Con {SDCC} rapidly approaches, it is time to get your game plan together. Every year the lines get longer and longer and the wait times grow with them.

In 2009 I got in line for H Hall at 8am and got into the first panel. In 2012 I got in line for Ballroom 20 {B20} at 2am and was 10th row from the stage for the Firefly panel. That very next day I got in B20 line around 8am was was THE very a last person to get into B20 for the first panel of the day.

So depending on where you want to sit and if you REALLY want to see something, you can chance getting in line later or suck it up and camp out with the rest of us. SDCC is quickly becoming a 24/7 convention!

The Music Maven gives her first hand account of her very first H Hall camp out HERE!
If you chose camping, keep reading for my tips on making it through the night and into the room of your choice.

1. Sleeping Bag/Blankets/Pillows. It is cold on the water at night in San Diego. If you are in town plan to throw these into your car. If you are staying in a hotel "borrow" them from the hotel, just don't forget to have someone take them back once the line gets going. You do not want to be charged for them!

2. Get some sleep. It is gonna be a long day and night. Get some rest while you can so you are bright and chipper for the day ahead. SDCC usually start moving you into an actual line around five or six in the morning. 2012's B20 line was a bit loud so I suggest if you really plan on getting some good rest bring an eye mask and ear plugs. Most nerds are considerate, but last year we had some drunky peeps camp out right next to us and make tons of racket…that wasn't so fun.
3. Starbucks ASAP. If you are in line for H Hall or B20 you are near the Hilton Bayfront Hotel and they have a Starbucks right out front. The earlier you get there the better. They have great service and go as fast as they can, but it still takes along time when the line is fifty+ people deep. Hours of operation are 6am-6pm.  Double check before hand they MIGHT open a bit earlier just for SDCC.
Restrooms outside the Hilton Bayfront.

4. Morning necessities. After that long night you will wake up with morning breath. Coffee won't help the situation either. Being prepared to talk to fellow nerds with fresh clean breath will make you all the more friends. The convention center has bathrooms you can use and there are also bathrooms behind the H Hall line between the Hilton Bayfront's parking garage and their Starbucks.
Joss Whedon and I {#IWokeUpLikeThis}

5. Sharpie and camera always at the ready. It is now the norm and popular thing for celebrities to walk the H Hall and B20 in wee morning hours. In 2012 I was lucky enough to see Joss Whedon.   You never know who's gonna show up so sleep in shifts. Do please be polite and courteous to the celebs. Get your autograph or picture quickly, thank them and move on. Don't make them regret doing this kindness.

6. Re-chargeable batteries. Last year I purchased two of these re-chargeable batteries and they kept me charged all day! They charge to about 50% each and are a GREAT price. Do order them early though, shipping takes a while.

7. Early morning parking. If you live in San Diego or have driven down from near by, be aware that the Convention Center parking garages closes at night. We found out the hard way last year that it does not open till 5am. Until then you will have to find another place to park your car. The Gaslamp is a good place to look, it is not far and I found a free space.

8. Games to keep you busy. I really like Munchkin, Gloom and Cards Against Humanity as they are small, both have multiple players and are long games!
9. Friends! They can give you a break in line and keep you company! They are also great for the early morning breakfast run to Starbucks...lines, lines and more lines! SDCC attendees are super nice, don't be afraid to reach out if you are alone, they will welcome you into the fold!

Good luck and get sleep while you can. There is no rest for the SDCC attendee.

Comment below if you have any additional questions about San Diego Comic Con. You can also check out our San Diego Comic Con Guide for more useful tips and tricks!  If this post helped you, share please share it with your friends!


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