Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Favorite SDCC Exclusives 2014

The San Diego Comic Con exclusive list for this year is out!  Not every retailer is listed, but you can at least get a list going as to what you want and where to get it. Make sure you write down the booth number.  This makes it easier to find and you don't have to search through the entire souvenir book to find what you want.  Check out a few of my favorites below!
 Futurama and you got me!
I'm not huge into the POP! collecting, but I do appreciate their cuteness!  This Marshmallow Man is SO CUTE & PINK & Glow in the Dark!  You can find him at the Fugitive Toys Booth #601.

But THEN I saw the Hannibal blood splatter SDCC exclusive and I think this one I WILL have to buy!  Funko booth's is #5343.
The Peanuts booth has two cute exclusives this year and they are cheap!  The button a day are always my favorite when booths do them and throw Comic Con on something and I'll snap it right up!  The buttons are free and the lanyards are only $4!  Peanuts booth is #1637.
This was one of my favorite FREE exclusives from last year!  Get it on the first day and you have something fun to do with friends while you wait in line!

Just like Futurama if it is exclusive and Doctor Who, I want it!  Titan's booth #5537 has the cute figures!  I got last year's Doctor and cannot wait to add this years with him!
USAoply has stepped it up on the FREE exclusives.  This is my MUST get for the con, Soft Kitty Monoply token! FREE!!!
Don't forget the outside SDCC exclusives!  Nerd HQ at Petco Park is going to be taking the majority of my money this year!  I WANT all three of these tees.  Last year I went too late and didn't get all that I wanted, this year it will be my first stop!  Each tee is $25.

I'm excited to see what my favorite booths BBCA, Bongo Comics and Toynami have in store.  I love seeing all the Doctor Who merch even though the show is not coming.  I also am thankful that Bongo and Toynami usually bring the Futurama love even though the show has finally ended.  What exclusives are on your list?!  Share with us in the comments below!


Emily said...

Haha love the Soft Kitty Monopoly piece.

With all of this talk of SDCC, may have to take the trip next year...

Joie Fatale said...

I too want the Hannibal Pop! And I love the Peanuts booth. That's always been one of my favorite comics!

Unknown said...

I love that Hannibal! So cute and scary!

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