Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Nerdy Girlie Christmas Vacation: Day 5 London Sight-Seeing Marathon

After a nice chill Christmas day, it was time to get down to some MAJOR sightseeing!  I had my to see list and our route on my phone and we all met in the lobby at 9 am to get it done!  Since it was still a holiday in England {Boxing Day} many things were not open to the public, but I still wanted to at least see them with my own eyes!
Our first stop was the Tower of London and Tower Bridge.  It wasn't open to visitors on Boxing Day, but I did want to see it in person.  It was so amazing to read the history of the building to see something so old and filled with so much history.  It was nice that it was located right next to the Tower Bridge so we killed two birds with one stone.  Boxing Day ended up being the coldest day we had experienced in London, not sure if it was because we were by the river or not.  But it was COLD!
Next we walked on over to St. Paul's Cathedral and we were able to see a small portion of the inside without paying.  We also were able to say a small prayer and light a candle for The Hunny's mom, which was special.
Then one of my favorite parts of the day, we walked over to St. Bart's Hospital to see the sight of The Richenbach Falls from Sherlock S2 Ep3.  As we walked up, my fan girl escaped!  Both The Hunny and I are huge fans of the show and we both recreated the famous scene.  I startled some locals who thought I was hurt laying there on the ground!  Ooops.
A quick bite for lunch and then more walking to the Millennium Bridge {aka The Harry Potter 5 Bridge}.  It had a nice view and I was so happy to see something Harry Potter finally!  From the bridge we could see The Globe Theater, which was our final stop before hopping on the Tube to Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace.
The walking continued through to Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus and SoHo, where I stopped in THREE used record shops looking for A Silent Film's UK albums.  Only one of those three shops even had them in their system and so my search was a fail.  I need to plan that a bit more for NEXT time! :)
Then came more Sherlock on Baker Street, 221B from the series and Speedy's Cafe.  The latter was quite a bit out of the way from the actual 221B Baker Street, so needless to say, with all that walking we were BEAT by the end of the day!  Tomorrow I share our trip to Cardiff for The Doctor Who Experience!

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Claire said...

On the other side of the Millennium Bridge from the Globe is the school where Daniel Radcliffe went to school. You're Welcome ;) I went on a Harry Potter tour while i was in London.


Claire, which one bc i took two pictures of schools before we crossed over! Thank you for sharing!! xo

Joie Fatale said...

Wow, St. Paul's looks quite beautiful!
And I LOVE that you went to St. Bart's **high fives**

I have wanted to go to England (and Austrailia, and Japan) since I could read!
So glad you're sharing these!

Miranda said...

So cool about the Sherlock door/Speedy's location! When I went to Paris/Montmartre I did an 'Amelie' walking tour and it was incredibly exciting to see film locations!

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