Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Nerdy Girlie Christmas Vacation: Day 4 Christmas Day in London

Christmas in London.  Something I never thought I be able to say!  We planned on it being a pretty mellow day since nothing was going to be open.  We let ourselves sleep in and then had breakfast to go from Starbucks.  We walked with our warm cuppas and pastries over to Hyde Park.
Our first stop on our lazy stroll was Kensington Palace.  It was a gorgeous day and the sun was shinning!  We walked the entire park and down to Oxford Street, which had tons of shops, all of which were not open, but nice to see one of the busiest streets in London on a non busy day.  We walked and walked trying to decide where to eat lunch, options were limited.  We ended up at a Syrian restaurant and the food was really good!  The Hunny's roasted chicken was the best I have ever had and I do not usually like chicken at restaurants.  After walking all day, we took a bit of time in our rooms before heading down to the pub The Phoenix for an authentic English Christmas feast!
The pub was completely full and it was difficult finding a seat, but when we did, we ordered our three course Christmas dinner.  The first course was a mushroom soup with bread and butter, I ate the bread and butter and The Hunny TRIED to eat the soup but he didn't like it too much.  On to the second and main course of turkey, mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes, veggies, stuffing and lots of gravy.  This was super yummy!  So yummy I almost didn't save room for our third and final course a chocolate cake in custard.  It was warm and sooooooooo delicious!
After eating the four of us did a white elephant gift exchange.  We had all shopped in Oxford the day before and now it was time to exchange gifts!  It was so fun to do this in the pub and it made it feel more like Christmas, with a few small gifts!
When I realized the time, we ran back to the hotel for the Doctor Who Christmas special!  It was so fun watching it IN the UK!  We ran into some technical difficulties getting it going in the hotel lounge, so I ended up watching it alone in my room, but it was fun just the same.  Now that it has been a while since the special and I have watched it again {SPOILERS}...I realized that it was just ok.  I thought that they threw in too many baddies and made the story line a bit to complicated.  I did wish there was a bit more of Peter at the end.  Anyone else lose it when Amy Pond walked out!?  What did you all think of the special!?
That night ended with wine from Stonehenge and waffles from Belgium {the companions had a layover there and picked them up}.  The plum wine was delicious.  The sister and law and I almost finished the entire bottle between the two of us.  I finally found a wine I like!  The three of them played a board game and I blogged and drank wine!  It was a nice chill day and fun and unique way to spend Christmas.  It was also nice to have a bit of family with us!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and stay tuned for tomorrow's installment, in which we walk the WHOLE of London with some BBC Sherlock sites!

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Mariko said...

I was also pretty underwhelmed with the Christmas special. I mean, a town called "Christmas"?! Srly? It just felt kind of slapped together and didn't end up making much sense (even for Doctor Who). Matt Smith deserved a better send-off, IMO.


Thank you Mariko! Haven't heard much of anything about DW from anyone! Guess that is why. xo

Joie Fatale said...

It's exciting that you got to see it in the UK!!!

I felt a bit underwhelmed, but I was insanely glad they finished up that silence thing...for the most part...even though I feel like since Gallifrey knows and is around they could show up...IDK. Like Mariko said, slapped together. And while I don't hate any of the companions, Clara is kind of last place.
I am hoping that with Capaldi, Oswin/Clara will get more development. I feel like she could be a stronger character, and has this personality that is currently just water in a pot, and I'm waiting for Moffat to turn up the heat, and let her character bubble to the top! :)

Miranda said...

Someday I'd love to spend Christmas in a foreign and exciting place! I think I'd be sad to not be with my family, but places are also just different around the holidays, so it'd be quite the experience! Plus your Christmas pub dinner sounds like it was really great! :)


Miranda, we did have my brother and sister in law with us and Skyped with our family back home, so that made it a bit more like Christmas. It was such a fun experience! xo

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