Friday, January 3, 2014

A Nerdy Girlie Christmas Vacation: Day 3 Oxford

I cannot believe we get to celebrate Christmas Eve in England!  We were up bright and early for a day trip to Oxford! There were a few reasons I picked this town out of all of the surrounding towns to visit.  First Harry Potter had some of its scenes filmed there, the very first coffee shop in England was there and lastly/most importantly "our band"A Silent Film hails from Oxford!  The day started out a bit bumpy with us arriving at the train station and me realizing I left my camera in the hotel lobby!  After figuring out our tickets and platform, The Hunny called the hotel and they had my camera safe!  WHEW! Then we were on the hour long train to Oxford!
We arrived right as the sun was rising {it rises late in England!} and checked out the map of the town.  The Hunny was excited to see that they had a castle, so that was our first stop!
My very first castle!  It was a bit chilly in Oxford, but it was bright and sunny the entire day!  We completely lucked out on the weather the entire trip {besides Stonehenge!}.
We then headed to High Street, which was a wonderful street with so much shopping and beautiful old buildings and churches.  Oxford felt so much more home-y than London and I was loving it!  We walked around The Covered Market, which was one thing on my Oxford to do list.  It was so fun seeing all the local produce, flowers and bakers!  The butcher shops were a bit of an eye opening experience and I think pushed me more towards vegetarianism {but not totally since I ended up having a meat pie for lunch!}.
Another stop on my list was The Grand Cafe.  The very first coffee shop in England! They had a wide selection of teas and I ordered lavender tea {ASF tribute} and my very first crumpet!  Both were extremely delicious!
We also tried to order a mince pie, but they were out.  I also made my very first souvenir purchase of a cup and saucer from the cafe!
We strolled along all the streets and shops in Oxford that we could in six hours and after lunch walked over to Christ Church, where bits of Harry Potter was filmed.
The main reasons I love England so much is for the importance it puts on traditions, the history that is everywhere you look, how everything is made out of stone or brick and that they don't mind ivy and moss growing over it.  The accents are not to shabby either!  I have fallen even more deeply in love with this country since stepping on its soil.  I wish I could stay longer, and already have so many more plans for the next time I can come.
Here is one of the small details that makes me love this country so much.  A fresh ivy and holly wreath on one of the many adorable small side roads.  My favorite part of the day was when the four of us split up to shop for our white elephant exchange.  It was fun to take in the town alone with my own thoughts and thinking of what it would be like to actually live here.  Oxford was everything I wanted England to be.
What an amazing way to spend Christmas Eve!  After our six hour tour, we hopped our train back to London at  I gazed out the window at the passing green fields day dreaming of a life in England.  Stay tuned for our Christmas adventures in London!

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