Monday, January 6, 2014

A Nerdy Girlie Christmas Vacation: Day 6 Cardiff

Another early wake up call and morning walk to Paddington Station for our day trip to Cardiff!  It is a two hour train ride from London, when there isn't construction on the tracks, which their happened to be during Christmas.  Our train ended up being delayed by an hour and a half.  We were very worried we wouldn't get there and back for our train the next day to Paris.  But finally at almost 10 am we were on the train heading towards Cardiff.
I took a bit of a nap and I awoke to a beautiful rainbow that we could see formed over the gorgeous green hills.  Perfection.
We arrived in Cardiff at one, just when our tickets for the Doctor Who Experience were good for.  A short walk down to the bay and the HUGE blue building and TARDIS were visible!  I squeeed in delight!  It was SUPER windy, but not raining!  We lined up for our tour of the Experience and were transported into the world of Doctor Who.
The first part of the Experience was an actual experience!  We watched a short video showing 11 stuck in the Pandorica {again} and then the screen turned into THE crack in space and time and we walked through into the USS UK museum.  We were shown pieces of artifacts including a Vincent Van Gogh painting.  Then the TARDIS appeared and we walked through its doors and onto the main deck.  At this point I was about to start sobbing!  Then we all helped 11 pilot the TARDIS. We were captured by Daleks and walked through a forest of Weeping Angels {my second favorite part after driving the TARDIS}.  We arrived in the Pandorica for a 3D show through the time vortex.  We helped 11 escape the Pandorica again and were lead into the exhibition floor.
Once on the exhibit floor we could stay as long as we like taking pictures and browsing all the costumes and TARDIS set.  Up some stairs all is where the baddies lived, more costumes, props, makeup and sound stations.  My favorite things had to be the three TARDIS' from the 50th anniversary special and Matt and Jenna's outfits from this year's Christmas special!
Then it was time to SHOP!  There was so much Doctor Who goodness it was hard to narrow it down!  I ended up getting all things I could use, a pen, a coffee mug, a bag and a 50th anniversary pin.  It had rained a bit while we were in the Experience but we were able to stay dry while we looked for a place to eat lunch.
I spotted a place called Top Gun and we HAD to check it out.  Almost like bit of home, with a British twist.  I had my last bit of fish and chips and then it was back to the train station for the two hour train ride home.
When I arrived in the UK I thought I would see a LOT more Doctor Who stuff than I did.  One shop in Oxford had a few shirts, but that was about it.  So I am so happy we made the trek out to Cardiff to get our Doctor Who on!

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Miranda said...

Gosh I want to cry just thinking about the Doctor Who Experience! I plan on being in England/Scotland this coming April, and I refuse to leave the country without going to Cardiff for the Doctor Who Experience! Your entry here has made me even more excited about it :D


Miranda, I had to hold back some major tears! LOL xo

Jenny said...

I just stumbled across your blog--thank you so much for describing your Cardiff trip/the Doctor Who Experience! I felt like I was there from your descriptions--I know that I would cry too! Seeing the costumes and "piloting the TARDIS" must be overwhelming! Thanks for sharing the story of your trip. I hope that I get to go to those exhibits someday.


Jenny, Thank you so much for your comment! I am so happy that you enjoyed the piece. It was an experience of a life time! I hope you can get there one day! xo

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