Sunday, December 15, 2013

Nerdy & Girlie Christmas Gifts!

To finish off my Christmas gift recommendations I HAD to do a nerdy and girlie list for you!  Being nerdy and girlie is my favorite thing about myself.  I am so happy that I can embrace it and share it with all of you!  HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

That was ALL I could fit in my collage!  There were so many more gifts I would love to share with you!  The Hunny gets me the Futurama calendar EVERY year.  As soon as I saw the David Tennant tee, I was like NEED!  The new Her Universe Doctor dress is soooooo adorable and I would love to wear that for a convention!  I already pre-ordered the Marty McFly POP! with a gift card from my pre-school kiddos and when I saw that beautiful Jurassic Park cover I knew that would love to have that on my bookcase!

If NONE of these gifts work for you, try Etsy! It has so many amazing finds!  Check out our Etsy nerdy gift list, we rounded up TONS of awesome shops for all your nerdy gift giving needs!

Share your favorite gifts below in the comments and let's keep this list growing!! Don't let your time run out!  Only 9 days left till Christmas!!


Unknown said...

I'm in serious need of that ring AND Marty McFly!!

Unknown said...

It's nice that they make those little vinyl toys for older movies, too!


Amber they had a necklace and earrings too, but were out of stock! :(


Miranda, right! BTTF is one of my favorite movies of all time, I just had to have that one!

Becca C said...

If I don't get that Futurama Calendar, someone can kiss my shiny metal a$$! ;)


LOL Becca!! xo

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