Monday, December 16, 2013

Cosplay Crush: Geek Pinata

My name is Crystal and I'm a geeky chicana living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love games, comics, sci-fi, and more. I run a blog called Geek Pinata which focuses mostly on geek fashion and women in pop culture, but you'll see other things sprinkled in there from time to time. I also cosplay! :)

The Nerdy Girlie:  How did you get into cosplay?
Crystal:  While in high school I was introduced to comics - the first one being Daredevil and of course I immediately grew fond of Elektra. Then I believe it was 1999 when I first went to San Diego Comic-Con (I'm old! Haha) and I loved it. I saw everyone having a blast and even dressed up in costume which I later learned was called 'cosplay.' So for SDCC in 2002 I finally decided to finally cosplay and went as Elektra.
TNG:  Do you make or buy your costumes?
Crystal:  A bit of both. When I dressed up as Elektra in 2002 I made that completely from scratch. I had never really sewn before but I made it happen! Recently I wanted to be Elektra again, but I knew 2002 version would not fit me since I was very thin when I was younger. I happened to run across an Elektra costume for sale by Constantine in Tokyo so I purchased it. As Poison Ivy the bodice, bottoms, boots, etc I purchased but then I altered them with a lot of hot glue and leaves. As Mario I already owned the dress and tank top, so I purchased the yellow buttons and sewed them on and bought the Mario hat from a Halloween store. Wonder Woman was a pre-made dress so I altered the bottom to be a hot pants instead. My latest cosplay as Catwoman from Arkham City was purchased. It was made by the talented people at Snakepit Studios. (note: they would have sent me a cowl too but it was only a few days before Stan Lee's Comikaze this year so I didn't  give them enough time to get me one).

TNG:  Any tips for people just staring out in cosplay?
Crystal:  I'd recommend that if anyone is just starting and getting a little lost, use Google and YouTube! They are a lot of tutorials out there on how to create costumes. If creating them from scratch or mostly from scratch is intimidating to you, start small or find vendors that will create a costume for you. Even if you purchased your costume you are still showcasing your love for the character so it still counts! :) Also don't be afraid if your costume doesn't perfect - just have fun with it!
TNG:  How do you feel about people approaching you for pictures.  Is there a certain protocol/cosplay code?  
Crystal:  I definitely prefer people to ask me for a photo. For the most part, people do ask and it's very much appreciated! It's just a matter of politeness. If I'm already posing and others stop to take a photo, that's ok too, just make sure the cosplayer is still posing.

TNG:  Any suggestions on where to shop for costume pieces if you are not a sewer?
Crystal:  I mentioned Snakepit Studios already, and Constantine in Tokyo sells her pre-used costumes at times. I often drool over stuff made by Peachykiki, Lena's Fashion, and hmwsgx creates some beautiful Mass Effect costumes that are available for commission. 
TNG:  Do you think about posing a head of time?
Crystal:  I do! I often think about the character, look up some reference material, and try to burn the poses into my brain. I often forget though because when I'm at a con I'm having so much fun.

Thank you to Crystal for answering our questions!  I so excited to finally catch up with her in real life at a con next year!!  You can follow Crystal on Twitter @geekpinata.  And of course check out her amazing blog Geek Pinata!


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