Thursday, December 12, 2013

Geek Girls Gab with Lick My Cupcakes

I'm Em Somerville of Lick My Cupcakes, from Western Australia, which you should never visit because everything will kill you. Baker, artist, nerd, tattoo-collector, staff member of the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club and all-round shiny Unicorn.
The Nerdy Girlie:  What is your 1st nerd memory?
Em:  Probably not being able to decide whether I had a bigger crush on Skeletor or April from the TMNT cartoon...I honestly battled with this!  I remember thinking Skeletor was my true love but wondering if it was destiny that April shared the name of my birth month, hehe!  We have a home video of me looking uber disappointed at age 5 watching my brother unwrap all the presents I wanted...a Stretch Armstrong, Dinoriders...while I got boring girly stuff.  I don't think I've ever gotten over it! I collect Dinoriders now and I'm still on the hunt for an affordable Stretch!  Oh, and I have a couple of Skeletor cards I keep on hand in case I feel like daydreaming!
TNG:  How and why did you start blogging?
Em:  I started blogging when I was 12, just as I was starting high school.  I remember seeing a how-to in a teen magazine on setting up a free Geocities website!  It was basically just a page of animated Hello Kitty GIFs for the first year, then moved on to a page of funny stuff my friends had said at school, eventually became a kawaii pixel art blog and evolved from there.  I've taken some blogging breaks over the years, but could never quite shake my desire to write! 

TNG:  YOUR favorite blog?
Em:  SUCH a hard question.  I have a new fave every week! Since I can't really choose, I'll be a bit cheeky and say our IGGPPC blog, +5 Charisma - we have so many awesome contributors and there's always something cool popping up!
TNG:  What is your favorite thing/things to nerd out about?
Em:  Dinosauuuuuuurs! I'm a huge Dinosaur geek.  Like, huge.  I have a million plastic dinosaurs on me at all times.  I also have a huge interest in History, namely WW2 and the Holocaust, and various Cults and cult leaders.  I find it all very fascinating, especially trying to understand the mindset behind people who can cause such horror.  I have read endless books and seen endless docos about the really interesting book about Hitler's sexuality (or lack thereof), and am so intrigued by Cults that my knowledge of them kind of freaks everyone out.

TNG:  Any tips for San Diego Comic Con?
Em:  Um, fly me over guys?  I've never been to a big convention - there isn't many of them in my neck of the woods, but I would really love to attend SDCC at some point in my life.  I think the only tip I'd have for myself is bring lots of money and lots of confidence, there's no time to be shy around so many awesome people. 
TNG:  Girlie things you love?
Em:  I'm a sucker for a petticoat.  I have several..but I WILL wear them with military boots and a leather jacket!  I kinddddd of have a dressing-up room which I call my fancy lady room, it's full of junk jewelry, purses, belts and petticoats and it's where I keep my full length mirror!

HUGE thank you to Em for answering our questions!  I loved her answer to what she nerds out about!  Everyone should love what they love no matter what!  Please go check out her super adorable blog Lick My Cupcakes and follow her over on Twitter @lickmycupcakes!


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