Monday, October 14, 2013

Water Tower Review, Interview & GIVEAWAY!

Review:  Water Tower, the sequel to Sky Bound, moves us from the Sky Nation, makes a quick stop on land, then lands in the Water Nation.  Sam is continuing his internal and external battles.  At only fifteen those battles can sometimes get the best of him, but he puts up an amazing fight!  In Water Tower we learn how the three different nations began and the fight to defeat the New Power intensifies.  Author James Morris brings us into the action head on.  Questions are answered, but more are left!  What will the conclusion to the series hold?  We will have to all wait until July 2014!
*5 out of 5 stars*
Morris at book launch for Water Tower in San Diego, Ca.
Interview:  The Nerdy Girlie:  When you began writing your first novel in the trilogy Skybound, did you plan on making it into a trilogy?
James:  Yes, from the very beginning I planned to make it into a trilogy. For a while I was afraid that I would have to make it into four books, but I'm 90% confident that I can fit it into three, haha.

TNG:  Which of your story's characters is your favorite to write about?
James:  I honestly don't know who is my favorite. I know every little detail about each and every one of them. I may be too close to say, or I just can't bring an opinion to the front of my mind. I know I'm supposed to say Sam, but it may very well be someone else. I honestly think it's the Sam/Dac duo. One without the other just wouldn't be as fun. I basically get to be the jerk that pokes fun at myself.

TNG:  I really enjoyed learning about how the kingdom was divided into 3 parts.  Are we going to be learning anymore about that in your third novel?
James:  Any more about the division itself? No not especially. Although, I have been debating doing some sort of extra story some how that tells Gabriel's story, but I'm not sure I'm ever going to get around to that or how exactly I want to do it. We will, however, be learning much more about the Surface.

TNG:  Will you be taking a break from writing after the release of the third novel?
James:  Take a break from writing? Hahahahahahah. No. I've already gotten started working on another series and am maybe halfway through the first book, and have yet another idea that I may want to start on soon besides that... I have way too many ideas to take a break! I may stop for, say, a month or so, but that's as long of a "break" as I'll be taking.

TNG:  How has the college experience been for you?  Has it helped or hindered your writing progress?James:  This may sound very bad, but college has not been a super fantastic experience for me. Don't get me wrong, I love the people I've been meeting and some of the atmosphere, but I don't think the classes are totally right for me. I feel like they aren't teaching me anything I need to know and I'm writing books during class anyway. My senioritis that I developed last year hasn't gotten any better either, haha. Overall, I think that college is just another work around for me. It took some time to get used to it, so my writing was on hold while I adapted, but now it doesn't seem to be much of a detriment. I've been having trouble sleeping lately so I either write or go and sit on top of one of our school's parking lots (that's another story, though).
Giveaway:  At San Diego Comic Con this year, James was kind enough to give me a whole BUNCH of awesome swag to giveaway to you amazing readers!  We have a copy of Water Tower, an iPhone 4 case, a necklace, button, bookmark and tote bag!  Please enter below!  This contest is open to EVERYONE worldwide!  ENJOY!


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